Yoohoo you yahoos!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
County Clare, Ireland
We've used a lot of public transit on our holiday, and I don't regret for one second not renting a vehicle.  I stand by my statement that traveling by train is the most civilized way to travel.  Not surprisingly I don't feel entirely the same way about bus travel.  'Pee man' aside, there does seem to be a different type of person that travels by bus.  And I don't know why, because if you plan in advance, the train can be every bit as inexpensive as the bus.  The key phrase there is 'plan in advance', which would entirely explain what happened today on the bus from Galway to Shannon.
Kier and I were up early, had our last hotel breakfast and made our way to the bus station at 10:30 for our 11 o'clock trip.  At 10:50 the bus doors are opened permitting us to load our luggage and take our seat.  As an aside, my father would have loved this new bus travel.  It is totally 'hands off' these days.  The drivers don't touch a piece of luggage.  They open the luggage compartment and you load your own.  But they still have to deal with the wingnuts and yahoos.  Which takes us back to this morning.
At about 10:55 when most of us are nicely situated in our seats, a man and woman with 3 'wee sprogs', that's Irish slang for 3 little ones, come racing up to the bus.  The driver says he is leaving at 11, but the bus behind is leaving 5 minutes later.  They proceed to load their bags and stroller into the baggage compartment and then the Mrs (I'll just refer to her in that way although I have no idea if they are actually married) takes off.  She up and disappears!  Mr stands outside with the little ones for a bit, but the rain was rather heavy, so he boards the bus.  The driver inquires as to where 'she' is, and Mr says she'll be right back.  Of course, 11 o'clock comes and goes, the driver gets irritated and tells Mr they'll have to get off, as he has to leave because people have connections to make.  He herds up the little ones and gets them off the bus, but makes no move to unload his belongings from underneath.  The driver asks if she has a phone and to call her, so Mr does.  And then, finally, she reappears.  And what's she carrying?  A huge, and I do mean huge, bag of 'supplies' as in food from the convenience store around the corner.  They load themselves all back on the bus again and head right to the very back, and we're away, only 10 minutes late.  All good...or so I thought.
We are barely out of the station parking lot than the wee-est sprog, the babe in arms, starts bellowing at the top of his lungs.  I think it's a 'he', but I can't say it with any certainty.  One of them was a girl, cause her name was Gabrielle, but the other 2...no clue.  So yeah, bellowing.  Top of the lungs bellowing...steady...not taking a breath, bellowing.  Mrs is speaking very loudly, Mr is speaking very loudly, it's like a freakin' 3 ring circus back there.  That full bag of food and it's still not enough to keep them quiet.  It continues, and continues, for about 25 minutes.  Finally, about 1/2 way through the trip, everyone in the back of the bus settles down.  Thank gawd!  The remainder of the ride is in relative peace.
So all that to say, that apparently planning ahead is not the Mrs' strong suit.  Had she planned far ahead, they could have taken the train.  Had she planned a little ahead she could have made them lunch for the bus ride.  Had she planned slightly ahead, she could have stopped for her 'supplies' enroute to the bus station.  Oh well, maybe the trip was totally last minute.  Maybe Granny just took suddenly ill and they had to drop everything and travel right away.  Maybe they're the types that just do everything last minute.  We'll never know.
We arrived at Shannon airport just after lunch and found our hotel just across the parking lot.  We got checked in to our room right away.  Another day of rain drowned our ambition to hop another bus and head to the nearby town of Ennis.  We just stuck close by, checked out the airport and had dinner in the hotel.  A little r&r before our long trip home tomorrow.  Another great holiday comes to an end.
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