Thursday, September 21, 2017
Longford, England, United Kingdom
It's bad enough when a holiday comes to an end, but then when you have to deal with all the BS involved with travel, it's compounded.  I must say, though, flying out of Shannon airport is just the best!  We got up at a reasonable 8 am, had a sufficient, included breakfast at the airport hotel, and around 10 am we strolled leisurely across the parking lot and into the airport.  
This is the only airport in my recollection where the security screening personnel ask if you enjoyed your holiday and wish you a safe trip home.  And then on into the duty free where everyone wants to help you, show you all the good sales, and try to ply you with drink samples.  I was keen on fudge and jam samples, bu they weren't offering any of them.  
The good news is this...starting in June of 2018 there will be direct flights offered by Air Canada from Toronto to Shannon.  That will make for some good travel options to fly into Dublin, tour around and fly home from Shannon.  No backtracking required. 
So now we sit in Heathrow awaiting our next flight to Toronto.  Not long and this whole holiday will be just a distant and fuzzy pleasant memory....sad really.
But oh well, planning has begun for May!  Not to mention the trip or 2 we have lined up in the meantime.
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Looks like a great time was had by all!