Pick a Winner

Wednesday, July 12, 2017
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
There's not doubt in my mind that the more hours one spends sitting in airports increases exponentially the odds that one will contract some type of cold or flu bug.  Thankfully, mine is the former and not the latter.  And I blame it entirely on Air Canada and all their delays on Monday.  So it' been kind of a low key day.  We headed out this morning to find a couple of important Calgary landmarks...but not likely the ones you're thinking of.
One of Kier's favourite television shows is Canadian Pickers, so we found the address to their Calgary location of Double S Antiques.  Or should I say the address where their shop USED TO BE.  Only a 10 minute drive from our hotel we found the building, however, the business changed hands 3 years ago.  Apparently Scott, one of the stars of the show, found his primary business to be more lucrative.  He's a lawyer.  We didn't bother to seek out his practice.
What we did find, though, was the Smithbilt hats flagship store.  For all your cowboy, and other, hat needs.  I had a ball trying on a lot of different hats that I'd never actually buy.
From there I wanted to track down a Purdy's Chocolates.  It seems the airport location closed several years ago.  There are supposed to be a couple of other locations in Calgary, but the first one we went to was smack dab in the centre of Calgary.  Parking was a problem, so we never did determine if the store is still there or not.  Fear not, as I will be on the Purdy's hunt again tomorrow!
Tonight was our last evening at the Stampede.  The Chuck wagon races were exciting and the grandstand show was phenomenal.  I now understand why they call it the Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth.  It is really quite amazing, and a bucket item list for those of you that actually have one.
Time to take my germ riddled body to bed and cough myself to sleep!

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