Absolutely NOT a victim of peer pressure

Thursday, July 13, 2017
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
With all our Stampede-ing behind us, the plan for today was to spend it with travel buddy and favourite sister-in-law Fay.  But apparently I am not the only person plagued by flight delays, as Fay had a very long trip from Fort St John to Calgary.  She was up very early and supposed to arrive here by 10:30.  Nay, nay, wasn't to be.  After a very long day of waiting in airports, she finally arrived around 3pm.  The bonus was that her luggage actually arrived WITH HER.  After her day, that was an unexpected, but very much appreciated surprise.
So what better way to spend our day waiting for Fay's arrival then with some retail therapy at the humongous Chinook Centre which is just down the road from our hotel.  And 'begosh and begorrah', what did I find there?  Well, Purdy's chocolate's for one.  And yes, some zinc lozenges for my oncoming cold, although that may be, as they say, 'a day late and a dollar short'.  But ya just never know, cause the cold hasn't settled in quite yet, so there is a possibility of 'early parole'.  And last, but certainly not least, I found just the hat I'd been looking for.  Now this was a great find.  Fits right in here in 'cowtown', but will also work on future cruises to hot climates.  It's cool, and yes both applications of that word apply!!  Do you want to know what's the absolute BEST about it??  It's 'Grandma Approved'!  Which is to say, it's a kid's hat.  I found it in a specialty hat shop...in the kid's section.  I learned awhile back that I have a rather small-ish head.  But just to clarify, the circumference may be small, but it is chalk FULL of brain matter and smarts!!  And where some would say the 'idiot string' is a bit much, I say it will keep me from losing it on the top deck of the cruise ship on a windy day.  Oh, and did I mention the BEST part??  It costs about half the price of an adult's hat!  Win/win!!!  My only regret is I didn't have it for the Stampede!  Oh well, next time!
After the mall we stumbled upon a boot manufacturer, and much to our surprise, they produce the Mounties high brown boots.  That was neat to see, but as far as purchasing cowboy boots?  Some of them on the shelves there were priced at over $1800 a pair.  Crazy!
We spent a wonderful evening at Jubilations Dinner Theatre where we enjoyed a great meal and a parody of Flashdance.  It was lively 80's music and a very comedic cast.  And guess who won the door prize at the end of the evening.  Nope, not me, but a certain 'Kear Mackerry'.  And what did he win?  He won 1 ticket to the September 6th performance at the Jubilation Dinner Theatre.  And Kier's response..."Why couldn't it have been the 50/50 draw at the Stampede?".  Oh well, luck is a fickle mistress, she shows up when she wants leaves when you want her to stay.  But really, I guess you've just gotta be pleased that she shows up at a
Kier receiving his prize...I know, it's blurry!!
A long day for Fay and some serious hacking on my part makes for an early night!
Bye for now!!

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