Nothing sadder...

Saturday, October 07, 2017
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
There is nothing sadder than an empty suitcase.  That's why we store then way down in a dark corner of our basement when they're not in use.  Who wants to look at them regularly and be reminded that you're not on a holiday, or aren't preparing for an exciting adventure.
Well, my suitcase has made it the 'packing room'.  That's what I call our third bedroom that has been furnished as a den.  It's never used for watching television or reading.  All it's ever used for is packing...or preparing to pack.  The gathering of 'stuff'.  It's where decisions are made.  Take this, don't take that, maybe I need this, don't forget that.
What am I packing for now?  It's time for Patti and I to make our third (or is it fourth?) bi-annual weekend to the Big Apple.  New York City!  We've got tickets to one of THE HOTTEST musicals on broadway, 'Come From Away'.  Can't wait to see it.  The whole idea of a musical being made out of the post 9/11 grounding of airplanes in Newfoundland has me intrigued.
We've also got a walking tour of Central Park booked.  The rest, well, we'll just play it by ear.  It's worked for us on every other trip we've made.  
Five more sleeps!!

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