Nancy Drew and the Curse of the Montreal Flight

Thursday, October 12, 2017
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
Nancy is uncharacteristicly quiet as she sits having her breakfast.  Today she is scheduled to fly to New York via Montreal.  It is troubling though, because she’s been scheduled on a flight to Montreal in the past and there have always been problems.  What will today have in store?
She plans to get to the airport early.  Perhaps have a bit of a snoop around.  Maybe this mystery can be solved.  Is there a reason that the Montreal flights are always delayed?  Is it a curse, or a conspiracy?  Nancy can be like a dog on a bone.  She’ll identify the reason.  Perhaps it’s purely coincidence.  Or just maybe those pesky Bobbsey Twins are behind this.  It could even be those ruthless Hardy Boys.  You just never know what forces of evil lurk around an airport.
With Nancy on the case, it won’t remain a mystery for long.  In fact, I predict it will be solved around 11:20 this morning.  
Stay tuned for ‘The Curse of the Montreal Flight, Part 2’.

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