The Curse of the Montreal Flight, Part 2

Thursday, October 12, 2017
New York, New York, United States
The spell is broken, the curse has lifted.  Nancy is now comfortably sitting in the airplane on her way to the Big Apple. There is no doubt that it’s all thanks to her lucky undies that she opted to wear today!  (Yes, even supersleuths have them!). Next stop, New York City!
Maybe she’s been wrong about those Hardy Boys.  She always assumed that there was an unspoken competition between them, but perhaps it’s not that at all.  What if one of them has a secret crush on her.  It must be so, because they arranged for her and her travel partner to have Preferred Seats on the short trip down from Montreal.  Nice touch, young Master’s Hardy!
Twelve hours later.....
So it’s been a very smooth first day here in the big city.  Once settled into our beautiful and very conveniently located Renaissance hotel at Times Square, we headed out to see what tickets we could get for an evening performance.  After striking out at the box offices for Dear Evan Hansen and Hello Dolly (staring Bette Midler), we determined that the third time really IS the charm because we scored a couple of tickets for War Paint.  And not only were the tickets 3rd row centre, but they were discounted!  Ya know I love a sale!!!  Second only guessed!!
Once we confirmed our evening plans, we were off to have a bite to eat.  And being that Shake Shack was right in our path, it seemed like the best place for supper.  Those lucky undies paid off again cause we even landed a table.  That’s a total bonus at the Shake Shack.  Most times we end up eating standing up.  And why, you ask, would anyone buy food and be satisfied to eat it standing up?  Well, one bite of a Shack Burger and you’ll understand.!!!  Just peel that leaf of lettuce off first and toss it to the corner of your tray, and then bite into a grilled masterpiece.  And to enjoy it while in the sitting position, at a table and all, HEAVEN!!
We enjoyed 2 absolute broadway power houses tonight in Christine Ebersole and Patti Lupone playing Elizabeth Arden and Helena Rubinstein in War Paint.  Great show!  
Tomorrow promises to be a busy day from start to’s gotta take her poor old body off to bed so she can be ready for all the excitement that lays ahead.



We are having a wonderful time, but there is a good chance my minor tummy ache is from a a HUGE bag to M&Ms