I’m the friend in low places!

Friday, October 13, 2017
New York, New York, United States
It’s been a full and fascinating day here in NYC.  We spent the morning on a walking tour of Central Park, the afternoon checking out the local shops, and the evening enjoying some theatre.  It’s what we horse race fans would call the ‘trifecta’.  Throw in some sunshine, warm temps, cupcakes from the Magnolia Bakery and a couple of meals and you’ve got what can only be described as absolute perfection.
It will be no surprise to my regular readers that the walking tour I booked for us was one of those free tours with a company called Free Tours by Foot.  Most big cities have a provider who operates this way.  You book the free tour and upon conclusion, you pay the guide what you feel it was worth.  They’re popular in the bigger cities in Europe.  The reason I like them so much is not solely because I’m cheap.  Sure, I do specialize in ‘frugal travel’ and thrive on getting a deal, but I also have no qualms about paying for something that I recognize to be good value.  And face it, tour guides who aren’t getting paid a salary, and rely wholly on tips, well, they’re just gonna work harder, aren’t they!  And our boy today, he brought his A game!  We had a 2 hour and 15 minute stroll through Central Park that was entertaining, informative, and totally interesting.  It was the right combination of humour, history, politics and culture.  
Tonight we learned a valuable lesson...well, more than just one, actually.  We opted for a play tonight as a bit of a ‘palate cleanser’ sandwiched between the 2 musicals we had planned.  The one we selected was ‘Time and the Conways’ because it starred Elizabeth McGovern from Downton Abbey fame.  Gotta be good, right?!  
Lesson #1 - picking a play based on celebrity does not guarantee an enjoyable theatre experience.  
During our post show discussion we agreed that the first half of the show was a bit of a snooze-fest.  The second half improved somewhat.  But then...the ending...WTF!!!!  I still have the handprint on my forehead...you know what I’m talking about?  ‘I could have had a V8’.  
Lesson #2 - when it comes to theatre, consider me a puddle...shallow, shallow, shallow.  I don’t do deep.  I don’t GET deep.  I definitely didn’t GET the ending to this play. 
Imagine my surprise when we were leaving the theatre and I overheard a youngish girl talking to her friends.  She said ‘The first half was a bit slow, but the second half got better.  And then the ending...it was AWESOME!!  I had to bite my tongue from doing the ‘Scooby Doo reply’...Ha-unnhh?????
Lesson #3 - I’m not ‘hi-brow’...and in fact, I’m so low-brow that it could be mistaken for a beard!
Tomorrow is another day...another day and another play...onward and upward!!