Another great holiday! Thanks Patti (and Blair)!!

Sunday, October 15, 2017
Quebec, Canada
It’s been a great getaway!  And here’s what made it great:
Best Musical Theatre - Come From Away (was there any doubt about that??)
Best Tour - Walking Tour of Central Park
Best Restaurant - Shake Shack (of course!)
Best Site Visit - 9/11 Memorial
Best Incidental Celebrity Sighting - Jeff Daniels filming a scene from The Looming Tower
Biggest Disappointment - the Hershey Store is closed and won’t reopen till the end of 2017
Best Souvenir - new zoom lens for my IPhone. ..I love a gadget
Although not one of my usual categories, Best totally unexpected airport surprise - how Montreal has redesigned their customs hall so that connecting passengers are steered through a separate area.  Now when you clear customs, instead of being fed down into the baggage hall to collect bags and re-carrousel them and  then re-clear security, you now clear customs and are sent back out into the secure gate area.  No need to go through the security process again.  It’s only taken HOW MANY YEARS to get the system to work the way it SHOULD?????  Better late than never!!
And the best example of ‘We ain’t as young as we used to be’ ...
how we walked a block out of our way to avoid the hubbub and huge crowds of Saturday in Time Square!

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Wow, I want Your life! Looks and sounds amazing. Have fun and travel home safe.


The trip was fantastic! THANK YOU Katrina for all your organizing skill, and Blair for all your points! And yes, Times Square is exciting and challenging especially on Friday and Saturday night. I can't unsee the naked guitar playing cowboy AND now also cowgirl! So of course we are all ready planning 2019