If it’s not the cheese, it’s the pickle

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Kissimmee, Florida, United States
It’s been a long travel day, but we are finally here and settled in our condo.  So we did arrive a good hour LATER than what I expected, but all delays were ‘post flight’ issues.  Surprisingly enough, both our flights were on time (the cheese)...but then we had to wait a good 45 minutes for our bags to come out (the pickle).  I was sure it was going to be ‘lost baggage claim’ time when the crowd around the carousel kept shrinking, and there was still no sign of our luggage.  There must’ve been some ‘work to rule’ campaign by the Orlando Airport ramp attendants cause they were only dispersing 1 bag every 5-10 seconds.  Finally, when there were less than a dozen passengers left, out came our bags.  Better late than never!  
Then it was off to pick up our car rental.  The queue was sooooooo long that it took another hour plus to get to the front of that line (more pickle).  But timing being everything, by the time we got over to the garage to get our economy car, there were none left.  Can you say UPGRADE??  And better yet, FREE UPGRADE (best cheese).  We are quite pleased with our little SUV.  It’s going to be a pleasure to drive for the week.
Kudos to you, AC for the on-time flights today, but I do have a small bone to pick with you.  It’s in relation to this ‘boarding by zone’ that you do.  This system that’s supposed to facilitate a smoother boarding process?  Well, I call bullshit!  How does it speed up the boarding process when they’ve got people seated on the aisle seats boarding in an earlier zone than those at the window?  REALLY!!!  
Seems like a lovely spot here, but I should reserve that judgement till the light of day.  But the condo is nice.  Seems to be recently renovated....aside from the blue pile carpet in the upstairs.  We’ve got 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, plus a lanai (sp?) which sold me on the spot.  Ours overlooks the pool.  Looking forward to a great week.  
If you’re in the neighbourhood, drop by!
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