Doing my bit

Monday, November 13, 2017
Kissimmee, Florida, United States
Today was a pool day, even though the sun played ‘peek-a-boo’ for most of the morning.  By lunch time, though, the temps were climbing dangerously close to my heat limit.  Granted, being in full blown ’Me-yes-pause’, my heat limit is much lower than it used to be.  So...time for a road trip!
We’re not big Disney folk, but we usually always make a trip to Disney Springs for a walk-about.  Today seemed like a good time to do it.  And I figure I should do my ‘bit’ to contribute to the Disney bottom line.  Ya know, just to ensure the franchise continues to thrive!  It’s free to get in, so right up my alley, and exposes you to some of the spirit of Disney.  Well, if by spirit you mean the chance to buy stuff at exorbitant prices, that is!  But hey, like I say, gotta do my part!
One of our first stops was in my favourite hat shop.  Thanks to having a disproportionately small head (and by that I mean small considering my brain content and NOT noticeably small for my body), I was able to find a new hat in the kid’s section.  It’s where I buy all my hats.  The upside???  A fraction of the price of adult hats.  Next to free, my favourite thing is a good deal!
No trip to the Springs would be complete without enjoying a Ghiradelli’s ice cream sundae.  We exercised great restraint and opted to share one, instead of getting one each like we normally would.  Even sharing, there is still sufficient chocolate content to kill any cravings for a few days.
With a questionable forecast for tomorrow, it may be time for some indoor, maybe, in Tampa????
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