To you nay-sayers, I thumb my nose!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Tampa, Florida, United States
I know the whole concept of LUCK to some people is just plain foreign.  And to others, it’s downright ridiculous.  So I totally get it that many of you chuckle behind your hands, and others just roll your eyes at the thought of my lucky underwear.  I’m not gonna name names or point know who you are.  And to you people I just have this to say ‘In yer face’...I say this 500 times!  One for every US dollar I brought with me out of the Tampa casino.  
Some of you are familiar with my PREVIOUS lucky undies...the pink plaid ones.  Well, everything wears out...including the luck in underwear.  Although they still work just fine as an undergarment, they just don’t have that ‘je ne sais quoi’ anymore.  But as an undergarment they do have cache.  I mean really, it’s hard to beat pink plaid.  But when it’s hard core luck that I need, I now resort to a rather boring pair of grey stretchies.  They aren’t gonna make any fashion statement, but really, no one has to ’drop trow’ when they cash in a winning slot machine ticket.
With the afternoon forecast less than stellar today, we opted to head indoors.  And what better indoors is there than the Hard Rock Casino in Tampa.  We arrived right at noon and proceeded inside, established a meeting place and time, and then parted like the Red Sea, both going in different directions.  Kier and I just have too opposite of betting habits to troll the gaming floor together.  And we only have one rule...never leave a hot machine, even if it means being late to the appointed meeting spot.  Those old blue haired couples that you see sitting side by side at a machine taking turns pressing the spin button...will NEVER be us.
First machines I see that I like, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. There are 2 different types.  I only play the ‘Killer Bunny’ ones.  I have some luck on that machine and then wander off till I see Miss Kitty.  I LOVE Miss Kitty.  A pink kitten who pays pretty good bonuses.  What’s not to like?  By the time I’ve played those 2 machines, it’s time for our first ‘check in’ meet.  I cash in $280 US.
After our meet, I’m off again.  I play several different machines.  None of which are particularly noteworthy OR lucky.  And then I find it...a bank of 4 Ghostbusters machines.  Now these are not the old Ghostbusters...the Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd and Harold Ramis version.  This is the NEW remake with Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wigg, or what shall now be referred to as MY FAVOURITE SLOT MACHINE!  The ladies were underwear was lucky...the perfect luck storm, if you will.
And now it’s back at the condo for a relaxing evening.  Cause the only thing more important than knowing when to bail...before your winnings are nothing more than a memory.
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You got it right — it is nothing but luck! Undies or commancho!


Such a nay-sayer, Shelley!! Tsk, tsk...


Congrats! Hope your good luck continues!