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Saturday, November 18, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
That’s the phrase that’s bellowed over the public address system shortly after boarding today.  We go through this on every cruise.  Everyone must participate in the lifeboat drill.  It’s mandatory.  I can live with that.  In the unlikely event of a situation,  it is important to know how to get that life vest on.  Equally important is where to board a lifeboat.  Otherwise, you’re just gonna be bobbing in the ocean wearing a bright orange shark beacon.  No one wants that!!
Up till this point, my day had been a real gem.  Sure, we had a bit of a problem finding a gas station before returning the rental car, but nothing that a couple of trips around the area highway interchanges didn’t solve.
Our check-in process was super smooth.  We not only got the table for 2 that we requested in the dining room, but it’s also a window table.  Doesn’t get much better than that.
And then it was time for the life boat drill.  The announcement is made, we head to our designated lounge for the ‘spiel’.  Apparently everyone decided to go early, so the lounge is totally full.  There are no chairs left, so they direct us down to the front to stand.  A woman sitting in one of the few chairs down there looks to me as I approach and  ‘do you need this chair?’.  WTF!!!!  She HAD to be a good 10 years older than me.  I mean sure, I didn’t sleep that well last night, but my gawd, I don’t look that bad.  Do I? I the Q-tip on this cruise???
When the drill was finished we went up to our balcony for the ‘sail away’.  We expected a bit of peace and quiet as we headed out to sea.  Maybe some waves to those on shore and in the passing boats.  You know...just...well...nice.  Nope!  What did we get?  Romper Room on steroids.  
The whole idea of this cruise was a sort of last minute thing.  Our condo was booked and then we found a cruise that lined up perfectly.  Never gave too much thought to what next week is in the US.  American Thanksgiving.  The big holiday in this country.  A short week, so a good one to take kids out of school and go on a cruise.  Maybe with all their little cousins and friends.  And wouldn’t that be great if they booked 2 or 3 connecting balcony cabins on the deck right above ours?  And wow, what if they opened all the adjoining doors so the kids could run straight through all the balconies, screeching and hollering like banshees.  Yup, that would just be peachy.
Early dinner is starting to look like a really good thing.  The next 2 days are sea days.  Can’t wait!!  Should be wall to wall rambunctious little people.  Hopefully we won’t be traveling in the same circles.  Oh well, I’ll just go to my happy place...if I can find it!
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