Funny ‘strange’ or funny ‘haha’?

Sunday, November 19, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
People are funny...and by funny, I mean effin’ annoying with a little sarcasm and condescension thrown into the mix.  It’s been a nice day on the ship here.  Spent some time by the pool, then to a couple of ‘activities’ before chalking up some miles on the promenade deck.  Formal night in the dining room and then to the casino to try to re-create some luck.  BTW - apparently it’s NOT transferable.  It didn’t make the trek from the Tampa Casino to the shipboard one.  Oh well.  Shit happens.
Today’s first Sudoku Challenge...goes to Kier.
But it is at the casino that I found my first truly annoying big person.  It’s been established that the little ones annoy me, although I can safely say that no one young’en, in particular, drove me crazy today.  That was the sole responsibility of my new casino friend, Jackie.  I know her name because on top of everything else, she liked to refer to herself as Jackie Onassis.  She wasn’t anything at all like THE Jackie O.  This one has ALOT of frizzy blonde hair, a rather buxom silhouette and neon pink finger nails that the term ‘nine inch nails’ was created for.
I’m quietly playing Roulette...all alone...just me and the ‘dealer’.  I got $40 worth of chips and I played 3 of my $1 chips at a time, and sometimes 4.  Occasionally, I’d hit a number.  It was nice.  It was low key.  And then Jackie showed up.  She plops herself down on one side of me.  She starts talking immediately.  She never shuts up.  She likes to tell the dealer how often she plays, and how much she plays.  She watches me play for quite awhile, constantly nattering.  Did I mention that she never shuts up?  I plod along with my $1 chips, betting 3 or sometimes 4 of them at a time.  And then she does it.  She pisses me off completely.  She looks at the table and my bets, she looks up at the dealer and says “Can you bet $1?”, which is what I’ve been doing all the while, placing $1 bets.  The dealer says “yes, the minimum is $1”, to which Jackie replies “funny”.  
She must have gotten bored with simply annoying me, so Jackie decided it was time to get in the game.  She buys $100 worth of chips and moves from one side of me to the other.  She leans in close to me and says “now we’re gonna win a lot of money”, to which I replied “you might, but I’m cashing out”.  Her reply, “Oh, I never cash out.”  I could only take so much.  As I left the casino a little while later, I noticed Jackie was still at the roulette table.  As curious as I was to know how much she’d won or lost, I purposely gave the table a wide berth...cause I would have been pissed to see her sitting there with a huge pile of chips...and I’d already suffered enough.
It was formal night in the dining room tonight.  I figured that with the passenger composition being so heavily weighted toward families, that it might be a quiet night there.  There are other options for dining that don’t require you to conform to the formal dress code.  The Trident Grill does excellent fast food.  I make sure to enjoy one of their hamburgers at least once during the cruise.  The pizza place is an option, as well as the ever popular room service where you can get just about anything delivered.  Lots of options.
As with every night, there were lots of tasty sounding dishes to pick from on the menu.  Kier opted for the lamb chops, and I went for the Shrimp Daniel.  Now, the wait staff are very accommodating.  They try their best to ensure everyone has something they like.   They really are big on customer satisfaction.  There was an elderly couple at the table for 2 beside ours.  They had to be 80.  I was interested to see what they would select.  Would they go for what Kier and I had, or perhaps they’d pick the Beef Medallions, or the Red Snapper.  Maybe one of the pasta options or the ever popular roast chicken.  Nope, I was wrong on all counts.  They ordered...wait for it...a hamburger.  Yup, a hamburger with some fries.  No ketchup, no mustard, not even any cheese.  Just a hamburger in a bun, which they cut in half and shared.  If you listen closely you can hear me sigh...and picture the accompanying eye roll!!
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