To queue or not to queue

Monday, November 20, 2017
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
The dreaded one loves it.  But face it, when you travel there is always something that requires you to line up...and be patient.  The first part I accept...the second part I’m working hard at.
Although it started out to be a decent enough day, it wasn’t long before the clouds opened up and we got what the cruise line describes as ‘occasional showers’.  I would call it ‘pissing down rain’.  Glass half full/glass half empty!
So with ‘pooling’ out of the question, it was time to get some work done.  And by work, I mean buy our Future Cruise Credits (FCC).  We also wanted to cancel and rebook an upcoming cruise because when we booked it originally we didn’t have any FCC’s left.  When you book a cruise using an FCC you automatically get some onboard credits.  Plus, if you don’t book another cruise within 2 years, the FCC is fully refundable.  You can’t lose.  So, on the cruise we were rebooking, for instance, we put down a $100 FCC and get $50 onboard credits.  That’s free money in my book!  And it’s well documented how I feel about free!
The Future Cruise Office is a one woman show.  And you can well imagine that on a day with inclement weather, a lot of people have the same idea.  We go to the office and there was someone inside with the agent.  Plus there was one in line waiting.  It took for-ever.  But we waited...patiently.
I realize that people don’t like to do lines.  My mother refuses to do lines.  As she says “I don’t queue up”, and that’s fine, cause she doesn’t go anywhere that requires you to queue.  But when you go on a cruise there are lines for everything.  It’s the reality.  
It was finally our turn to enter the office.  What we wanted to do should have taken, oh, about 10 minutes to accomplish.  For whatever reason, and lets call it a computer glitch, it ends up taking much longer.  We are just finishing up when we hear a knock on the door.  The agent doesn’t get up to answer, cause hey, there’s a note on the outside of the door which, if read, is self explanatory.  Take a number and take a seat.  Not sure which part was confusing.  After about 30 seconds of no response, the knockers decide they should try to just barge in.  Apparently they don’t feel the need to wait in line.  Luckily the door was locked, so all they could do was rattle the handle.  
People...****eye roll****
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