What do you see? You see the sea!

Saturday, November 25, 2017
Havana, Havana, Cuba
Two busy sea days to finish up this portion of our holiday.  Everything from movies to bingo, production shows to the casino.  We could be as busy or as lazy as we chose.
Regardless of the fact that you are really in NO HURRY to get ANYWHERE when you’re at sea, there still seems to be those cranky old folks.  This morning at breakfast, a server was on his way to my table to offer me some drinks.  He said “good morning, madam’, and not cause I’m OLD, but cause they address every female that way.  No, it’s true!  Anyway, he no sooner finished his greeting than old Mr. Cranky at the table beside mine barked “COFFEE!!!”.  The server had to turn and deal with him immediately before finishing my drink order.  And there was another similar situation from Mr. Cranky II who was seated at a table not far from mine.  What is it with these people who are in NO HURRY to get ANYWHERE, yet they are totally rude to the hired help?  I just don’t get it.  Who do they bark at when they’re at home????
I played Bingo twice out of the 4 times it was offered these past 2 days.  Today the jackpot had to go.  It was over $3000.  Yesterday I played the old fashioned way with my little bingo dabber and 6 cards for each of the first 3 games, and 10 for the jackpot game.  Today, it was new technology all the way when I got one of the tablets with 30 cards on it.  Definitely not for the bingo purist.  Marjorie, you would have HATED it!!  You just hold the tablet and it does ALL the work.  It tells you when you’re close, and even when to yell Bingo.  Didn’t matter which way I chose...I never won either day.  Guess I used up all my luck in the casino in Tampa before boarding the ship.
The water has been just as flat and calm as I’ve ever seen it these past 2 days.  You’d hardly know you were moving.  The weather hot and humid yesterday is rapidly cooling off the closer we get to Florida.
It’s been another great cruise!  Tomorrow we check in to the Hilton for a couple of final days before heading home.  Hopefully no cranky old folks there!!!
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