Festivus - Day 1 was great because...

Wednesday, December 20, 2017
Nevada, United States
We had a very smooth trip down this morning through Montreal...which is a surprise in and of itself with my record of traveling through that city!
We treated ourselves to a cab from the airport.  Something we’ve said we were going to try for years now, but never did.  When the lineup to buy shuttle tickets was that long, and the lineup for taxis was non existent, I convinced Kier this was the time to try.  Only $22 and well worth the time savings.
And unlike Jerry and George, we didn’t need to adopt the names of Obrien and Murphy to get a ride!!
Got to the hotel just after noon and the cheap bastards now want to charge you $30 for early check in.  Today, the guy was feeling festive and let us have our room early...at no charge!!  Granted, it’s not on a high floor with a great view...but hey, it’s a huge room and we’re thrilled.
Headed over to the Gold Coast cause it’s ‘Young at Heart’ day at the B Connected chain of casinos.  Had some luck and we both enjoyed a free buffet.  Nothing wrong with that.
While bouncing around from machine to machine, I rec’d an email from Air Canada with a substantial gift coupon for my next flight.  It was in response to the fiasco of the last time I traveled.  Always worth advising them of your displeasure!
Only down around $60 after the first day, and that factors in gambling, taxis and stocking the room with drinks etc.  
A great first day all in all!
Happy Festivus it is!!

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