Post Festivus - Christmas Eve to the rest of ya

Sunday, December 24, 2017
Nevada, United States
Last day here in Vegas, and being that it’s Christmas Eve, I kept my eye open for all things Christmas-y.  Let me tell you...not ALOT out there.  Some resorts have a little something to recognize the holiday.  Others, like the Venetian, have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Since we did our big Festivus Dinner last evening, tonight was a simple Chinese food takeaway from Panda Express.  It’s our fav!
I did a wee bit of wandering amongst the shops, but being only the Eve of the big day and not the day AFTER, there were no sales to be had.  It required a bit of analysis of ‘need vs want’, and since nothing tipped the scale on the ‘need’ side, I came away with nothing...well, except some more Sprinkles Cupcakes...cause ya know with Chinese food I’m gonna be hungry again in an hour!
Now it wouldn’t be an authentic ‘Katrina Blog’ if I didn’t climb up on my soapbox at least once to rant about something that pissed me off.  So here goes...
We went into the Venetian last evening and spent an hour contributing to their bottom line.  It’s not THAT that had me seeing red...or brown as it were...but it was when we LEFT the Venetian.  Right in the main entry foyer, which is quite elaborate with frescos on the ceilings and all, someone let their...and how shall I put this being that I didn’t SEE it happen...but someone let either their dog or their small child POOP ON THE FLOOR.  Yup.  I shit you not!!  A couple of little piles.  By the time we were leaving, the security personnel had the entire ‘crime scene’ circled with pylons.  I’m not sure, but they may have been calling in Forensics...or just waiting for the arrival of some poor schlep who had to clean it up.  I kid you not!!!  WHO DOES THAT?  Not the cleaning up bit...the putting it there in the first place bit!  I mean really!!!
All in all, it’s been a great little Festivus getaway.  I’m going home with some cash in my pocket.  Not quite the amount that I left home with, but something is better than nothing!
So this is it for another instalment of my trials and tribulations of travel.  And in the words of someone famous...not sure who...’Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night’!!

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