Finally....only ONE sleep left!

Sunday, May 06, 2018
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
That’s the problem with a long and painstaking planning process behind these great holidays.  The cost savings are excellent, but the slow passage of time is a killer.  But here we are, on the eve of departure.  It’s gonna be another fantastic trip.  We’ve got something for everyone: both comedy and musicals; a couple of tours for the Harry Potter fans; several different tours from poisons to beautiful scenery; we’ve got macabre and creepy; and we’ve got walking, lots of walking to great views and world heritage sites; and not to mention something for the foodies in a repeat Gingerline visit.  Plus, we’re going to be doing something with chocolate that you would never imagine!!
Packing and purging finished - check (I pack and then afterward I unpack 5 items that I won’t really need) All unwanted hair removed - check  (don’t know you all do it!).                                             Bills paid - check                                                                                                                                     Online check in complete - check.                                                                                                                   Excitement level ramped up - double check                        
So sit down, strap in, and hold on tight because the ride will commence in less than 24 hours!!  But please...keep your hands free to grab hold of that occasional cider or beer!
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Haha, can’t wait to meet up on Tuesday. Along with the unwanted hair you forgot to mention nails, of the finger and toe variety. Oh and what’s this with the “occasional” beer or cider? Think you meant to say frequent.