Does lightning strike twice??

Monday, May 07, 2018
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Here I am all nicely checked in and sitting in the security area awaiting the first leg of my flight.  And that was almost exactly how my fiasco of a flight started last May when I was enroute to Glasgow to meet my sister-in-law, Fay.  I just CAN’T have a redo of that.  Surely I’m due for a smooth and stress free transport to the UK this year??
I inquired at the check in desk when I got my bag tagged.  No sign of a delay on the system, but the flight hasn’t left Halifax yet to return to SJ.  Too early for that.  But I’m strategically situated in the boarding lounge today.  I can watch both the television and the departure board.  I would say there will be no surprises this time around, but that would be a lie.  I have everything crossed in HOPES of no surprises this time around.  That’s the best I can do.  
And then it happened...the inbound flight is early.  A good omen of the rest of my flight??  I hope so!  I’m due for some good karma!
The traveling gods are smiling and I’m safely here in Halifax awaiting the on time departure of my flight to Heathrow.  Doesn’t get any better than that!  I’ve had word from both Shelley and Kim and we are all awaiting our connections.  So far so good.  The next time you hear from me I will have my feet firmly planted on London soil.  I hope...
I’ve had time for my first ever Booster Juice and to sit and decompress before the next leg of my flight.  There will be little time for lazing starting tomorrow.  And good thing I grabbed my refreshment as soon as I landed, cause this place rolls up thee sidewalks at 9pm!  Even Timmie’s has closed their doors!  Really!!  And you call yourself an International Airport!!
And my little chuckle for the day...I’m streaming tonight’s double episode of Coronation Street on my CBC app.  The crew from a WestJet flight are all seated around me waiting to board at the next gate over.  The pilot asks me “Is that tonight’s episode of Corrie?”  I said “Yes, you’re a fan”, to which he replied “sssshhhhh don’t tell anyone...and have they caught Phelan yet?”.  There’s proof positive that there are more than little old ladies that watch Corrie...ahem...I mean ladies...cause I’m neither little, nor old.  Some would say I’m not a lady either....
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Janice Bramston

I would trust anyone who is a fan of Coronation Street with my life! Safe travels!