Day One and the Wifi SUCKS

Tuesday, May 08, 2018
London, England, United Kingdom
It’s been a great first day here in London.  The three of us met up in Terminal 2 at Heathrow and made our way to our hotel.  We have a great room in mediocre hotel in an ideal location near Paddington Station.  The wifi sucks...but ya can’t have everything.
Upon arrival we headed out to grab a bite at a pub that is very near to the hotel.  It’s called The Monkey Puzzle.  A quaint little spot with an interesting menu.  But what’s most interesting about the menu is that they don’t serve food off of it in the middle of the afternoon.  And ya call yourself a pub??  Unfortunately we asked the important questions, but in the wrong order.  Question #1:  What flavour of cider do you have?, and Question #2:  Can we see the menu.  After our cider was uncapped we were advised that ‘we don’t serve food until 6pm.  It was only a bit after 3pm.  Nope, not gonna make it to 6 on the wee bit of food I had on the plane.  But what the bartender told us “you should never eat on an empty stomach”!
After finding a place to grab some sustenance, we headed back out to find a book store listed on Facebook as someplace worth seeing.  It was called Daunt Books.  It’s known for its huge selection of travel related books and has some interesting architecture.  By the time we found it in Marylebone we expected to find it closed up tight, but fortunately, it remained open until 7:30 pm.  
Once checked off our list we proceeded to the SkyGarden to catch the setting sun on the London skyline.  Apparently we weren’t the ONLY ones to think that, because even on a Tuesday evening the place was PACKED.  There was a very loud band playing in a quite small area with relatively poor accoustics.  So, much like Chevy Chase looking at the Grand Canyon in the movie Vacation, we looked at the sunset, snapped a photo, looked at the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, nodded...and left.
We’ve earned some much needed rest as tomorrow is day 2 with lots on the agenda.
The Geek of the Day -                                                                                                                         Someone is sprouting a tree out their head!                 
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Fran Meehan

Have a great sleep. Water is receding. Raise a glass and say hi to Harry and Megan Markle.

Doreen Tait

Glad you've arrived safely..looks like you & girls had a good start to a fun filled vacation. Too bad you couldn't get invite to Meaghan's might be considered "old farts"???!!