The best laid plans and all that

Saturday, May 12, 2018
Alnwick, England, United Kingdom
If we didn’t know before today that it’s always wise to leave a bit of a cushion in your schedule for unexpected problems, we sure learned this morning.  It was supposed to be a simple transfer from Paddington to Kings Cross to catch our 9:30 train northbound.  The route to the station and platform were all planned to avoid the thump, thump, thump and potential damage caused by dragging our cases down several flights of stairs.  Alas, the best laid plans....
It was slightly disappointing to arrive at our tube line to find it gated and closed.  Filming, apparently, of some television show has closed the line.  We were able to quickly identify another routing, but there were lots of stairs, both UP and DOWN before we made it to our destination.
Don’t ya think these people could have stuck a sign up earlier in the week to indicate the upcoming closure?  They don’t expect me to buy that they just woke up this morning and said “hey, let’s film in Paddington Station today”, cause you know a massive undertaking such as that would require much planning.  And not only for the cast and crew...but also for us travelers who are impacted by the closures.  Obviously we weren’t a factor in the equation at all.
All that aside, we made it to King’s Cross in plenty of time for our 9:30 train, and comfortably ensconced in our seats for the 3+ hour ride to Alnmouth.  From there, a short bus ride takes us over to Alnwick where we’ll settle for a couple of nights.
Now about this train ride...I’m just as big a fan of animals, and dogs in particular, as the next person.  Nothing I like more than a cute little ball of fur, especially if they’re well behaved.  But sometimes it’s not the dogs whose behaviour needs to be closely examined.  Many times it’s the owners who should take a long look at what they’re doing and how it impacts the rest of society.  So what has prompted this little tirade, you ask?  Well, how about this...
I realize that dog owners are a special breed.  They let their pets eat things out of their mouths, let their animals lick their faces, and don’t seem at all put off that this same pet was likely licking their own nether region only seconds before.  And Pepe here, cute as a button and all groomed up for his train ride, is lovely.  But I draw the line at Pepe’s owners allowing him to sit on the table, especially since the part of Pepe’s body that is in full contact with the table is the not the cleanest end of the dog.  I feel bad for the next passenger at that seat who lays out their lunch on the table, totally unaware of what was dragging a crossed it not long before.  And that, of course, makes me wonder if any animals have rubbed their behinds on the table at which I sit.  Think I’ll be keeping my hands in my lap for the duration of this ride!
Long day today, busy day tomorrow...
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