Yay for the big city and decent wifi

Monday, May 14, 2018
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
We had a very civilized departure time from Alnwick today, so had some time to hit a couple of shops.  One was a WH Smith which here in the UK is a cross between a book store, a convenience store and a stationary store.  Kim noticed a sign offering up specified books as ‘3 for 2’.  Her eyes lit up and she went around the store selecting 3 or 4.  When the clerk rang up her total it was around £18.  But how can that be when they are ‘3 for 2’?  Well, it’s all in the translation.  Come to learn it’s wasn’t 3 books for £2 as she had interpreted, but 3 books for the price of 2.  Again...who knew?
Out of curiosity, we stopped in front of a real estate office that displayed several available properties.  When reading about the ‘mod con’s’, Shelley noted that ‘No Upper Chain’ was a common amenity.  The debate was on...she was certain it meant that the plumbing didn’t have a pull chain from the ceiling...in other words, the house had modern plumbing.  I said ‘no, it has something to do with the land owners and ownership’.  We made Shelley go in and ask the woman in the real estate office...neither of us were right.  It basically means that there are no conditional offers pending on the sale of the house.  So there ya go!
Thankfully the train today ENDED at Edinburgh Waverley station, and there were no stops in between Alnmouth and Edinburgh, so no chance of getting off at the wrong place.  Upon arrival, we were off to find our hotel.  I stopped in to a rather upscale-ish looking hotel for directions.  I said “Can you tell me where Windsor Street is?”.  The fellow replied that he didn’t, but would look it up on the computer.  “What’s the name again?”  I told him ‘Windsor Street, like, you know, Windsor Castle?  Windsor Street’. Do they REALLY speak that much differently here in Scotland?  How many possible ways are there to pronounce Windsor?  It just wasn’t worth the ‘agro’, so I grabbed a tourist map off the counter and said I’d find it myself.  And within 15 minutes we were nicely settled in our HUGE room.  This place takes the cake for both size AND speed of wifi.  And for those of you who say that size doesn’t matter??  When it comes to hotel rooms it most CERTAINLY DOES!!
We were off to the Potter Trail which was a free Harry Potter walking tour.  Since we needed a bite, we stopped at the Elephant House which is where JK Rowling wrote 3 of her HP books.  The tour was great and Will was an excellent guide.  And you know me...you can’t beat FREE!!
Tonight we went to Red Raw at the Stand.  It’s a local comedy club which, on Monday evenings, hosts new comics and established comics doing new material.  When we went to the box office to pick up our tickets, we struck up a conversation with the 2 staff members, inquiring as to whether my favourite comedian, Danny Bhoy, might be performing tonight.  Would you believe he was on the roster last Monday, and scheduled again next Monday?  What odds!  We later learned that the girls telephoned Danny Bhoy to ask him to come to the club to meet us.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach him by phone, but left a message for him.  Even though he didn’t actually show up, I was very touched that they even tried.  Had he dropped in to the club, it would have been the icing on an otherwise perfect holiday.  
The show was pretty good, and the MC and headliner both incorporated us into the show.  I’m guessing the 2 girls filled them in.  And Kim won the door prize draw which was 2 free tickets to another show.  We couldn’t talk them into throwing in an extra so we could all go, so she gave the tickets away.  Maybe that’s just the beginning of our Scottish luck!
Can’t wait to see how things get better tomorrow!
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