Tour etiquette tips #112 - #116

Wednesday, May 16, 2018
Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Everyone likes a tour.  It’s a great way to see things with an accompanying dialogue so that you know what you’re looking at.  There are a great many things that can, nay SHOULD be done to ensure enjoyment by all involved.
#112 - Abide by the meet up times - when you have a 40 minute stop at the Wallace Monument, which involves a climb of over 200 steps up to the top, and you decide to wait until 15 minutes BEFORE the meeting time to start the climb.  You bump into the guide who’s on his way DOWN from the top and he tells you that you MIGHT have enough time to climb to the top...but you’ll have to be quick.  Perhaps you should forego the climb and head back to the bus to be there at the appointed meeting time, instead of continuing on and showing up 25 minutes late.  But if you do opt to continue the climb...and you make your way back to the bus 25 minutes late, at least have the decency to APPEAR to hurry.  Don’t just stroll along like you’ve got all the time in the world while 29 other people sit on a stinkin’ hot bus getting hot under the collar.
#113 - Snap and move - when the entire group is off the bus to snap a photo of a particular scene, don’t stand at the front of the group and take tons of photos with your fancy schmancy camera ensuring that everyone else’s photos include you.  Take a picture or 2 and then move out of the way.  No one else wants you in their photos.
#114 - Ensure you are up for it - when you sign up for a Haunted Graveyard Tour which is all done on foot, and the website AND signage at the meeting point indicate that you should be free from disability, perhaps you should think twice when you have mobility issues.  When the 1 hour and 15 minute tour turns into a 1 hour and 40 minute tour because the guide has to wait for you and your companion at every stop, perhaps it isn’t the tour for you.
#115 - Make sure you’re on the right tour - when you sign up for the Haunted Graveyard Tour but are only interested in the graves which inspired JK Rowling when writing her Harry Potter books, perhaps you shouldn’t even be on this tour.  You should have booked the Potter Trail walking tour which ACTUALLY focuses on these things PLUS goes out during the day so you can photograph the sights.  
#116 - Don’t talk louder than the guide - if you are taking the tour with a companion who doesn’t speak English, and you are required to do translation of everthing the guide says, perhaps you should stand at the BACK of the group so you can QUIETLY translate the dialogue to your companion.  Don’t stand at the FRONT of the group and proceed to speak LOUDER than the guide whereby distracting everyone else on the tour.
Couple of great tours today in spite of some very annoying people.  C’est la vie!
Tomorrow we leave Scotland behind and head to Northern Ireland.
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Doreen Tait

Omg..your list of do's & don't is so typical of things guides deal with...your insight makes you the perfect client. Experienced guides have ways to prevent those difficult situations! Enjoy the rest of your trip!


All these things happened today....and made us shake our heads!! A couple other cool things the guide did that I’ll pass on when I see you ‘The Slow Clap of Death’!!