All things Titanic

Friday, May 18, 2018
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Today we spent the full day at the Titanic Museum.  What a fantastic exhibition from the Discovery Tour to the Titanic Experience and the SS Nomadic.  And although we had an excellent guide who really enhanced the tour, what was even more amazing was the thought and detail put into the design and layout of the site.  We were so glad that we paid extra for the ‘full meal deal’ because much of the detail would go unnoticed without having a guide to point things out.  For example, there were wooden benches arranged around the exterior of the museum.  Some benches were longer, and some were shorter.  They were arranged in a way that represented the SOS, or CQD, distress signal that was sent out when the ship first hit the iceberg.  There are many other little details like that distributed throughout the museum and grounds.
So we’re in the gift shop at the Titanic and it was packed.  The Royal Princess was in port, and there were several tours from the ship passing through the museum.  I was checking out some of the merchandise when I heard a man say to another man ‘what part of Canada are you from’ to which the second man answers ‘Quebec’.  The first man walked away and I approached him ‘where about are you from in Canada?’ I asked and he replied ‘a little place just outside of Halifax, called Bedford’.  I told him I knew it cause I was from New Brunswick.  He said he wasn’t on the cruise ship either.  He was in town, with his wife, for an Ed Sheeran concert tomorrow night.  After we got back to the hotel, we looked everywhere on line for information on this concert.  There would be little chance of getting tickets, but we thought we’d double check, just to see. Unfortunately, Ed’s actually performing in Dublin tomorrow night, not in Belfast.  Oh well.  We’ve got some big tickets of our own for tomorrow night, but you’ll have to wait and see!
What is also quite amazing in this big city of Belfast is how the sidewalks seem to roll up very early, even on the weekend.  But that’s okay cause we’ve had a long day and more on the agenda for tomorrow.
Geek Photo of the Day - Italian for dinner...a left over breadstick...sometimes ya just HAVE to play with your food!  
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