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Sunday, May 20, 2018
Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Today was our day of leisure, our day of self indulgence.  So what did we do with ourselves?  We went for a walk.  A looooong walk.  
Yesterday when socializing with the vendors at St George’s Market, we learned that a few were from Bangor.  When I got to thinking I realized that Bangor wasn’t far from Belfast, and I remembered it being a nice little town on the water.  So, out we went this morning by train.  It was a 35 minute train ride from Great Victoria Station.
Now, today wasn’t a sunny day.  Really it’s the first day that we haven’t seen the sun.  But try as it might, it just could not work up to a solid rain.  It showered ever so slightly, but no rain to speak of.  
We arrived in Bangor shortly after noon and stopped into a cafe for some pre-stroll refreshments.  We got directions to the North Down Coastal Path.  When the young fellow helping us asked which direction we were going, we replied “to Holywood”.  All 3 employees in the cafe did the ole Scooby Doo “huuunnnh?”.  They were shocked to think we would walk that far, and that made us think it was beyond do-able...but...we did it.  It took 4 hours, but we covered all 10 miles.  And boy, are my dogs barkin!
It was a lovely walk alongside of Belfast Lough.  It was a very busy path too, with families, cyclists, runners and dog walkers...lots of dog walkers.  
We really had planned to do a smaller portion of the walk, but when we finally found a waymarker, we were so far along that it only made sense to continue on to Holywood.  Who knew...maybe that’s were the local ‘Norn Iron’ celebrities hang out! wasn’t.
When we finally strolled into Holywood, we headed straight for the Dirty Duck Ale House because it had been recommended to us by a local we had met along the way.  Whenever we asked others for directions to learn if we were getting close, they always answered saying it was a great spot to eat.  So...we ate...a great big cheeseburger...accompanied by a bottle of cider...cause if you can’t have a bit of a splurge after walking 10 miles, then when can you?
We’re back at our hotel now, all packed up for our travels tomorrow down to Killarney.  Can’t wait.  I just LOVE it there!!
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Now that Harry is the Baron of Kilkeel, you’ll have to put that on your list!


if I had been with you, you would have been saying “it’s just around the corner” to me a lot!! Well done on the long walk!

Carol Jackson

Mum said to tell you that she used to walk from Belfast to Bangor. But she couldn't do it now. lol She's only 85.


Sounds like an awesome day


Patti, I haven’t a clue where Kilkeel is! I’ll have to look that one up! Kim, there were LOTS of corners and some never ending on the walk...Shelley was telling ME it was just around the next corner. Carol, when we could see the H&W cranes at the TItanic Quarter from Holywood, we THOUGHT about continuing on...but opted for a wee drink instead...then waited 50 minutes for a train that would take us only 11 minutes to our final stop. And Fay, yes, an awesome day.


Good call on the wee drink instead of continuing the walk. lol Boy do I miss it! Kiss something for me wouldja?


How about I kiss a puffin for you when I get to Skellig Michael on Wednesday...fingers crossed for good weather and smooth waters!!