Time for the ‘Treenies’

Sunday, May 27, 2018
Dublin, County Dublin, Ireland
It’s that time again...the one you’ve all been waiting for.  The presentation of this trip’s awards...the best of the best...the memorable and the tasty.  
Best Overall Hotel - Cairn Hotel, Edinburgh
Best Located Hotel - Premier Inn, Belfast
Best comfortable hotel bed - The Tavern, Alnwick
Best hotel shower - Premier Inn, Belfast
Best hotel for a long soak in a tub - The Moorings, Portmagee
Best hotel package - The Moorings and their Skellig Package, Portmagee (this package included 2 nights accommodation and breakfast, 80 euros towards meals and a packed lunch for our trip to the Skelligs.  It didn’t include the price of the boat trip)
Best tour package - The Crumlin Road Gaol Hospitality Package, Belfast (this package included the gaol tour, 2 course meal, and the live Johnny Cash tribute show)
Best Musical Theatre - School of Rock, London (it was the only one)
Best Entertainment - Gingerline...it always is!
Best Overall Dining Experience - The Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens
Best Breakfast - The Moorings, Portmagee
Best Dessert - Gingerliners, London
Best Restaurant/Cafe - The Treehouse at Alnwick Gardens
Best Decor in a Cafe - Harlem Cafe, Belfast
Best Drink - Rekorderlig Raspberry and Mango Cider and for Shelley Franciscan Well Chieftan
Best Bar - The Bridge Bar, Portmagee
Best Pub - Black Swan, Alnwick
Best Pizza - Pizza Pilgrims, Shoreditch (and not JUST because of the chocolate calzones!)
Best Pie - Steak and Ale, Black Swan, Alnwick
Best Day Trip - Skellig Michael, Portmagee
Best FREE Site Tour - The Hairy Coo, Scottish Highlands
Best Private Tour - Killarney Falconry, Killarney
Best Paid Site Tour - The Titanic, Belfast
Best ‘Scare the Bejeebers out of you’ Tour - City of the Dead Haunted Graveyard Tour, Edinburgh
Best ‘I didn’t think I’d make it’ - climb up Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh
Best Local Theatre - Alnwick Playhouse Theatre, Alnwick (the play was called ‘According to Rumour’)
Best ‘Off the Beaten Path’ - Kerry Cliffs, Portmagee
Best Guide - Mick Crawley, Mor Active Travel - because he was so darn accommodating about getting us to Portmagee
Best Overall Shopping - St George’s Market, Belfast
Best Unexpected Surprise - Holding baby owls on the Falconry Walk
Biggest Disappointment - That Danny Bhoy didn’t show up at the Stand after the staff called him because his biggest Canadian fans were ‘in the house’
Best Unplanned Activity - walking 16 kms from Bangor to Holywood
Best ‘Laugh till you pee your pants’ - the second night in the London hotel...just being ‘us’
Best Coincidental Historic Event - the marriage of Harry and Meghan
Best Souvenir - hand dyed silk and felted wool scarf from St. George’s Market (it’s not just a scarf...it’s a work of art!)
Smoothest Travel Day - flying from Edinburgh to Belfast with FlyBe
Biggest F-Up - getting off at the wrong train station when traveling to Alnwick from London
The ‘Oh my Farkin’ Hole’ Award goes to The Advocate, a bar in Edinburgh.  They wanted to charge me for extra jalapeños on my nachos, but if I could count them up and find them to be ‘short’ of the specified number, then I could get a couple of extra to make up the difference.  
Best Travel Charm to ensure good weather - Shelley Arnfield (it only rained twice while we slept and once while traveling to Killarney by bus...a record for the UK and Ireland)
Best Example of how a full ‘good karma bank’ truly pays off...drum roll please...
When the landing trips to Skellig Michael are delayed starting by over 10 days, but all gets sorted out for the day we are booked and we get to be some of the first of the season to walk on the island.
It’s been another great ride!!!
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The play in Alnwick was According to Rumour (like it matters) and you left out the dessert so I’ll award that to Gingerlines!


Awesome trip thank ma much for.blogging Katrina As they are always so fu. To read