Travel Lingo

Monday, May 21, 2018
Killarney, County Kerry, Ireland
It was a travel day today.  Spent the better part of it on the bus from Belfast to Dublin and then on to Limerick and Killarney.  We’re all checked in and awaiting the appointed time to head out to meet some of Shelley’s old work friends.  And one for the ‘it’s a small world’, the woman replaced me when I left London, ON in 2004, so I know her too!
So...since there’s little else going on today, perhaps it’s time for a new subject on my’s called...
TRAVEL LINGO....and no worries, I will also provide the definition of each of these new words...cause without them, you’d NEVER know what the heck I was talking about!
#1 - Blooping - a verb, pronounced ‘blue-ping’.  Meaning - blogging while pooping.  Used in a sentence ‘Katrina, are you blooping in there?’ (Often accompanied with banging on the bathroom door.)
#2 - Farkin’ Hole - a noun, pronounced ‘far-kin hole’.  Meaning - a term of displeasure, frustration or derision.  Used in a sentence - ‘Oh my farkin’ hole!’
#3 - Swagged - a verb, pronounced ‘swag-d’.  Meaning - to provide someone with a small token of our appreciation in the form of a Mountie or Canada pin/keychain/zipper pull.  Used in a sentence - ‘That lady was so nice to talk to so I swagged her’.
#4 - Morpeth - a noun, pronounced ‘more-peth’.  Meaning - a mistake, a dumb screwup.  Used in a sentence - ‘You got off at the totally wrong station!  What a Morpeth!’
#5 - Martied - a verb, pronounced ‘Mar-teed’.  Meaning - taken advantage of, sold a bill of goods.  Used in a sentence - ‘Well now wasn’t that a a bit of a ripoff tour.  Guess we were martied on that one!’
When I arrived at the B&B, I found this lovely box of Clonfadda Soaps products that I ordered before I left.  They are THE BEST products evah!!  Thanks Marie for getting them to me!
Tomorrow it’s off to Portmagee for a couple of nights and what we expect to be the pinnacle of the holiday.  Stay tuned!
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