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Tuesday, May 22, 2018
County Kerry, Ireland
Just when you think you’ve got all the obstacles conquered, there’s a new one.  There were so many things that could have gone sideways with the planning for this very complicated excursion.  Top of the list was inclement weather.  Well, since I’m traveling with the ‘weather charm’ (Shelley) that hasn’t been a problem.  We’ve had rain during waking hours on only one day, and that was yesterday when we were busing down to Killarney.  Today is just beautiful with a clear and sunny sky.  Tomorrow, the forecast is the same.  
The next issue might have been a problem with the tour we’d booked to get us to Portmagee.  We booked a Ring of Kerry tour, but we’re doing it in 2 days.  We hopped OFF the tour here in Portmagee today, and we hop back ON the tour to pick up the remainder on Thursday.  It’s not something our tour operator does every day.  Could have gone sideways, but didn’t.  The fellow I’m dealing with is someone I used a year ago for a tour and was just a standup guy. And although I certainly felt that way about him last year after dealing with him (he let a tour for 20 go with just 2 of us instead of canceling), it was reinforced today.  He is the most customer satisfaction driven person I know.  He is soooo helpful and reliable that I realize I had no worries about his portion of my tour going wrong.
So we’ve got the weather situation beat, and the transportation issue sussed, you’d think there’d be nothing else could go wrong.  And there, you’d be wrong.  
Right about now, you’re all reading and wondering “where the heck is she going and what is she trying to do?”.  Well, we’re attempting to make a trip out to Skellig Michael, which is an Irish monastic site in the Atlantic.  It is also the site of filming for some Star Wars movies as well, although never having seen any, that element doesn’t interest me at all.  More importantly, it is a UNESCO world heritage site and access is very restricted.  In fact, if the powers that be have their way, all tourist access will be prohibited.  It’s not here yet, but it’s coming.  So, time is of the essence.  
Now, I’m not saying that we structured our ENTIRE holiday around this specific tour...but it was certainly a key factor in the selection of dates.  Needless to say, we were quite discouraged to hear that, although the weather is beautiful, there is still a possibility that our trip will be canceled.  Apparently, there is some issue getting the guides out to the island.  Not sure the details, but we’ve been told it is a day by day thing.  So, we won’t know for sure if we’re going, or not going, till 8am tomorrow morning.  
So we’ve had a bit of a tour of Valentia Island today.  A wee wander around Portmagee and are now settled down for an early night.  Big day way or another!  If the main attraction falls through, we’ve always got Plan B...but we’re not gonna need it!!!!
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I have all my fingers crossed for all to go ahead tomorrow

Sue M

Hope the tour is “a go” for tomorrow the 23rd.