The ‘highs’ have it

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
County Kerry, Ireland
There’s only 1 word to describe today, and it’s PERFECTION!  I don’t think I’m overstating it when I say that Skellig Michael was everything I thought it would be...and more.
We got the word shortly after 8am this morning that the landing was a go.  We were among the first of the season to step foot on the island.  For whatever reason, the guides couldn’t get into place until yesterday.
Timing is certainly everything, and we proved that today.  A day earlier and we would have been crying in our beer.  (That’s just a saying Mom...I don’t drink beer!)
Not only was this the first day for landing, but the water was as smooth as glass.  We had been advised to layer up for the trip, because the winds out on the Skelligs can be very cold.  Not today!  It was stinkin’ hot!  What an amazing day.  Words don’t describe it, but perhaps pictures will.
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Fantastic! So happy that worked out. The pictures are gorgeous.

Sue M

Awesome photos, the scenery is beautiful!


So glad it worked out! It was meant to be! The puffin gods were on your side


What a memorable day !