All good things must come to an end

Saturday, May 26, 2018
County Dublin, Ireland
Last day, Dublin.  I was going to title this entry “you know you’re getting old when...” cause we’re sitting here in our hotel room, window open, so we can hear the music from the hotel bar, Darkey Kelly’s.  We stopped in there, but being a Saturday night with live music playing, you can’t get a seat.  We had a quick drink and left.  We don’t like crowds, we don’t like standing, we’re getting old.
If that doesn’t prove it, then when we went to the Hairy Lemon for lunch we were served by a very gregarious waiter who took our order...and then...we became invisible.  We’re getting old.  Of course, I’m thinking there may have been another reason the waiter was so attentive to the 4 men who sat next to us...but then, maybe that was just me, trying to justify that feeling of invisibility.  Although...he did give those 4 guys free shots of whiskey...and we got...nadda...just sayin...
All that aside, both Shelley and I had great expectations for our one day in Dublin.  Although it was a nice day, a relaxed day, a laid back and casual day, it didn’t really provide the end of trip closure we had hoped for.  But then, we’re getting old...and this is a young person’s city.
Note to self...don’t come to Dublin on a Saturday night...unless you’re young, or young at heart.  Afraid I’m neither.
Really our trip has been truly spectacular.  We did everything we set out to do.  Tomorrow it’s time to head back to reality.  Oh, and also time to hand out the end of holiday awards.  Check back tomorrow for the ‘treenies’.  It’s gonna be a great list this trip.
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Darn! The trip can’t be over....what am I going to read now!?


When you get your new bookmark, you’ll have to start a new book!


If you don’t wanna be invisible you need to swag that waiter!


I am sad for you too ! Have a smooth trip home !