NYC here we come!

Thursday, November 21, 2013
Bangor, ME, United States
Here we sit in Bangor airport after a very easy drive down from NB. We're all checked in and sitting in our boarding lounge. I'm feeling quite well rested after a good night sleep. Same can't be said for Patti. I sent her an email last night to tell her I'd be picking her up at 6:45 instead of 6:30...but apparently my fingers had already fallen asleep, cause her message said I'd be there at 5:45. Oops! I'd kick me if I was her, but she's exercised great restraint...that's why I like traveling with her ;)

More good news, we learned that we DON'T have to change terminals in Philadelphia Airport as previously expected . With only a 35 minute stop over, I knew it would be a tight connection, so only having to change concourses will be much easier.

Should be smooth sailing from hear on out! Here's a picture of us "selfing" in the airport.

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Your mother

So happy to get your blog. Sounds like a good time starting. Great picture, haven't seen Patti for years, three I believe. Am anxious to follow you as you go along. Hi to Patti. Love ya xoxo Stay safe.mum


Hi Vanda!
I'm having a great time with Katrina! She really knows how to travel, can't wait to see more sights tomorrow! I think next year she should lead a tour down here and you should come along!


Hi Patti - Nice to hear from you and so glad you are having a great time. It is nice for you to get away from work for awhile. Happy Sightseeing.


I keep looking for your latest blob but you must be too busy. Hope you are seeing lots of great sights. It's Sat already and your trip will soon be over. Have a good time and think of me struggling with my ceiling tiles but almost finished. I am already feeling the results of my challenge, which I'm thankful for. Happy Days, xoxo Mom


Home safe and sound. What a great trip!
Thanks Katrina for being such a great travelling companion :)


Looking forward to the sequel in 2015!