It takes a village...

Saturday, June 09, 2018
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
It truly does take a get me prepared for this trip.  I’ve got many new things to try because of the valued input of friends and family.  Like...
My bestie friend and previous travel partner, Shelley, has made packing a lot simpler by introducing me to these handy packing cubes.  Hopefully I’ll be organized enough to keep things in their assigned cubes for the duration.  Time will tell!
My cousin Bonnie and Bill have enlightened me on a new anti-blister technique.  It’s a throwback from Bill’s soccer days.  I’ve purchased the required knee-hi’s and given them a test run or two.  So far, so good.
My friend Judy provided me with a written tips sheet on things to see and do in Salzburg.  Can’t wait to eat at some of her recommended spots!
My ‘medical consultant’, aka my good friend Patti, has provided me with new, handmade hiking socks, plus all the tape that I should require to get through this holiday with fewer foot issues.
My good friend Elizabeth has educated me on a some new technology that should make finding my way around Austria so much easier.  Can’t wait to try it!  And best of all, it’s supposed to work well offline so won’t accumulate any roaming charges on my cell phone.
And I can’t forget Sue G, Sue M, Janet M, and Lynda S who helped greatly in my ‘bulking up’ by eating out in various restaurants throughout the week before departure.  Now let’s hope I hike enough to wear off some of these extra pounds.  But really, all that yodelling is bound to be hard work!
Oh, and I can’t forget my mother with her sage advice to not be ‘bending your elbow all the time’.  She’s nothing if not consistent!
I’ve even got a new ‘seat selection strategy’ that I’ll be utilizing when I check in for my flight.  I can’t tell you what it is as yet...gotta wait till it’s a ‘fait accompli’ before I broadcast it.  It’s something new and radical...for me, I mean.
So here we are, 3 sleeps from departure, and no doubt all of you reading this have some additional tips and tricks that I could benefit from.  By all means, weigh in...and then check back regularly and see how it worked out for me!
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Always carry snacks!!!!

Always carry snacks!!