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Tuesday, June 12, 2018
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Here we sit in Toronto airport waiting for the big flight, the long flight, the one that takes us across the pond.  Our first leg was smooth...for us...cause we are well aware of the small overhead bin space on the SJ-Toronto flight.  It’s a rather small plane and there’s no skycheck, so there are the few who have carry on’s that, although legal sized on a larger plane are a tad to big for this little puddle jumper.  So aside from the banging and slamming closely followed by cursing, it was a fairly smooth trip.  
So as I sit here in the International departure lounge, I’m watching Air Canada board a rather large flight.  For me, the jury’s still out on the whole ‘boarding by zone number’ process.  It amazes me that no matter where I sit on the plane, and no matter when I check in, I always get Zone 5!  Okay, who am I kidding?  It’s been a rare occasion when I haven’t checked in for a flight at exactly 24 hours in advance.  I usually have my iPad open and fingers poised for when the exact minute changes on the clock.  But really...shouldn’t people be rewarded for checking in early?  With a nice Zone 3 boarding?  Apparently not!  The interesting thing that I’m noticing as they board this big plane is that when they call Zone 3 is boarding, they also announce exactly how many people are IN that zone.  So they say something like “Zone 3 is now boarding...there are 30 people in that zone, so come forward now”.  So that should prevent the line up at the boarding desk with 120 people in it as Zone 3 is called...cause we’re gonna KNOW that SOMEONE is trying to sneak into an earlier zone.  Of course, that’s assuming that they care about the walk of shame away from the podium when the gate agent sends them away.  And of course that’s assuming that the gate agent actually DOES turn them away.
So here we sit with a couple of hours to kill before our boarding fiasco begins.  Then it’s a long 7 hours till we land in Heathrow for a few hours before our last leg to Vienna.  Sometimes you just have to ask yourself “was that 2 hour longer flight that was so cheap when you booked it 7 months ago still such a deal?”  Ask me again tomorrow!
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