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Thursday, June 14, 2018
Vienna, Vienna, Austria
We moved this morning into a Best Western.  It’s not the BEST Best Western I’ve been to.  Let’s say it’s the third best Best Western I’ve been to.
Only those of you that are fans of Big Bang Theory are going to appreciate that.  I could go on and tell you that Sheldon’s reply was how the Best Buy by his house is only the third best Best Buy.  They have the best buys, but having the best buys isn’t the only thing that makes a Best Buy the best Best Buy.
But seriously...a huge step up from the budget hotel of last night.  It was ideal, though, for someone looking for cheap and cheerful...not that there’s anything wrong with that!  (How many got that reference?)
We put on a lot of miles today in Vienna.  Not all of it on the soles of our feet, though.  We did walk to the Inner Stadt this morning to pick up our tickets for tomorrow’s visit to the Spanish Riding School from a 3rd party ticket distributor.  For a business whose only purpose is to sell attraction tickets to the general public, they certainly know how to hide themselves.  You’d think they’d have big signs up all over town directing you to their location, which is tucked in the corner of the 3rd floor in a non-descript building across the street from the Opera House.  You wouldn’t find it unless you were looking for it...and even then you might not find it.  Determination prevailed, and with tickets in hand, we inquired about directions to the Time Travel Vienna attraction.  Low and behold, they can sell us tickets to that too.  So we overlook the little 50 cent service charge that they added to the price of each ticket.  Ah hun, I realize these little 3rd party ticket sellers don’t work for free, and when you’re so out of the way you can’t rely on volume of ya gotta hit the ones you do get with a bit extra to cover the vig, as it were.
We arrive at the attraction at around 11 am for an 11:20 tour; our booking reference and invoice in hand with appropriate numbers highlighted in yellow.  You just KNOW it’s an official booking when they take the time to highlight stuff!  I hand the booking reference over at the entry desk, just as instructed, and the young ticket seller says “ohhhhh, this is not goooood”.  You see, her English ‘is not gooood’ either.  But it’s good enough to say that we needed a ‘vow-chair’ and should have gotten it from the 3rd party ticket seller.  I immediately think that little miss ‘I can sell you that’ just highlighted the wrong sheet of paper.  Kier digs the other document out of his pack.  Nope, it’s just a ‘ray-seat’.  She shows us the original document and translates the German to English saying that we should have been given a ‘vow-chair’ as well as that worthless sheet of paper all highlighted to shit.  It’s now 11:05.  I tell the young ticket seller that there’s no way we can make it back over to the 3rd party’s office and back again in time for the tour.  And then, out of the blue, miracle of miracles...the young ticket seller decides that she CAN work with the document I gave her and ‘Herr Bob, he eee’s yer huncle’...we have tickets in hand.  And a great big ‘donkey shit’ to you...oops, I mean danke shoen.
Now the attraction was a bit of alright.  It was a bit of walking, a bit of sitting, some animatron figures, a 3D ‘almost make ya toss yer toast’ ride, and even a trivia contest near the end for real chocolate prizes.  You know my competitive side!!  And for chocolate!!!  Yeehaw, I’m all in...except...well, it’s all in German.  Don’t know what the question was, but several people had answers to which the guide kept replying ‘nine’.  So I finally yelled out “Wayne Gretzky”.  No I didn’t...even I know he was 99.  I yelled out “Angle-a Mer-cull”.  No, I didn’t do that either.  I just consoled myself to the fact that if I wanted cheap Austrian chocolate, I’d buy it myself.
After we finished traveling in time, I guzzled a bottle of water, and my stomach settled back down to normal, we decided to hop on a ‘HOHO’.  It’s a great way to cover a lot of real estate and listen to some relevant narrative.  And when you’re short on time, like we are, it’s the best bang for your buck.
Tonight it was out to a local spot for a bite.  Trying the regional delicacies when you travel is always a must.  It’s just that my idea of ‘local delicacy’ isn’t exactly what you’d expect.  Plus, refer to 2 paragraphs ago...and Herr Bob, he eee’s yer huncle’!!
Another fun filled day tomorrow seeing the sights and mingling with the traveling public!
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