There’s no class like First Class

Saturday, June 16, 2018
Hermagor-Pressegger See, Carinthia, Austria
You know that saying about lemons and lemonade?  Well, our lemons today were only tiny, but they made the most incredible lemonade.  Our transfer from hotel to the train station was smooth as silk.  We treated ourselves to first class on the train for most of the 5 hour ride.  It is such a civilized way to travel.  
We had beautiful scenery all along the way.  And one thing is really obvious...our time in big city Austria is now over.  It’s all small town and rural area around here.  
The one hitch in our giddy-up was when we arrived in Hermagor and the hotel arranged taxi wasn’t there for us.  I contacted the hotel and they sent an employee to get the tasty lemonade was that instead of costing us 40 euros, it cost us only a tip for the staff member.  
The fellow wasn’t kidding when he said that the windy road up to the hotel might cause us to be nauseous.  But foolish me when I figured that would be the toughest part of the week.  Never did I imagine what may well be the most difficult thing to accomplish.  
What could possibly be tougher than the hiking?  Or the 20 minute twisting, turning, nauseating road up to the hotel?  How about the 9 course meal we had tonight which didn’t START till 7:15 and was continuing on after I threw in my napkin in surrender at 9:30...after only 6 courses.  Who knew that what might kill me this week would be OVEREATING.  Apparently the train ride isn’t the only thing that’s First Class about this holiday!!!
Time for some well earned sleep.  Yeah, like THAT’s gonna happen with a stomach full of food!
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OMG! That’s a lot of farkin’ food! Hope the portions were on the small side. Can’t believe you didn’t jump back in for the dessert!