The sweet sounds of Salzburg

Sunday, June 24, 2018
Salzburg, Salzburg, Austria
Not much goes on in Sazburg on a Sunday.  Well, unless you’re into museums...which we’re not.  Just about everything here is turned into a museum, from the house that Mozart was born and raised in to the Sound of Music.  So what do you do in a museum city when you’re not into museums?  You do a hop on/hop off (hoho) bus tour.  We sat through the narrative on 2 lines of hoho’s, the Old Town and the City Tour.  The City Tour even offered a Sound of Music narrative, so I opted to listen to that one and learned all about where the filming took place, as well as how the movie differed from the experiences of the real Von Trapp family.  
One thing I am happy to report.  There has been more English spoken in Salzburg than ANYWHERE ELSE on our trip...even Vienna.  And there were more English speaking tourists walking around here than anywhere else as well.  Right from the moment we got off the train yesterday and headed to our hotel, we heard English spoken around us.  It’s a welcome feeling after listening to ‘mwaaa mwaaa mwaaa, mwaaa mwaaa, mwaaa mwaaa’ for the past 12 days.  
It’s been a very relaxing day and a 1/2 here in Salzburg.  We really needed it after the past week.  It’s a good thing we don’t work anymore, cause we were thinking we’d need a holiday to recover from our holiday.  Fortunately we can arrange that!
We’re all packed up and ready to head to our last stop tomorrow.  It’s off to a small town in Germany, very close to the airport, called Freising.  Should be another relaxing day before the long flight home.
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