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Sunday, June 24, 2018
Freising, Bavaria, Germany
We rode the rails for the last time this trip.  We were on the German train line and the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ comes to mind.  I booked the cheapest fare I could find with the main objective being to avoid Munich entirely.  We traveled from Salzburg to Landshut, then changed trains to Freising.  The downside of the cheap fare was that it was the proverbial milk run.  We had a stop every 6-10 minutes for 2 hours.  But hey, we weren’t in any hurry and we got to see lots of German scenery...not that it’s a heck of a lot different from Austrian scenery, except maybe fewer mountains.  Plus, First Class amounted to only 6 seats in the front of one of the 2 cars on this train, so I’m glad I didn’t bother booking that.  There’s not much difference at all between the 2 classes of tickets.
A short stroll through town brought us to our hotel.  It’s a sleepy little place where the sidewalks roll up before 8pm.  Even the local Woolworth’s is closed early.  Yup, quite likely the LAST Woolworth’s on the face of the earth!  We had a wander through it for old times sake...but no lunch counter!  These German’s don’t know how to run a Woolworth’s, that’s for sure!  But the upside of this town is that it’s close to the Munich airport and there’s a bus that will take us there in 30 minutes for under 3 euros.  
Our hotel is just lovely and the room is very large.  Next to our week’s stay at the Hotel Gartnerkofel, this is the second nicest place we’ve stayed.  That leaves the ‘3rd best Best Western’ as our 3rd favourite hotel on this trip, followed by the noisy spot in Salzburg and lastly the very basic Ibis Budget that I had to book in a pinch when we decided to leave for Vienna a day earlier.  All in all, not a bad selection of hotels.
We’re all packed up and ready for the trip home tomorrow.  There are some things I’m gonna miss about this part of Europe.  Top of the list?  The croissants.  They’re so light and flakey!  Smeared with a bit of raspberry jam and they’re heavenly!  But what I’m looking forward to getting home to?  My ice machine!  I so miss ice.  This drinking everything warm SUCKS!
And I’m trying a brand new strategy for picking seats on the airplane.  We are in the very back row of the plane.  I’m taking a page out of my bestie and sometime travel partner, Shelley’s travel book.  There are only 2 seats instead of 3 back there.  We’ll no doubt get stuck with whatever meal option is least popular, but not a biggie.  What I’m most anxious to see is if we get to board in Zone 3 this time.  If Air Canada’s ‘by zone boarding’ makes any sense, then the very last row should board immediately after all the Business Class and preferred customers.  Time will tell.  
So, barring anything unforeseen that requires me to rant, then this edition of my blog will be concluded here.
Till next time!  Auf Wiedersehen (or as my auto correct wanted to type...auf wieners hen!) and goodnight!
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Hope those seats work out for you and safe travels home.


Have a nice smooth trip home ! Have fun at Brent’s too , maybe someone else will bring that Costco broccoli salad ! Lol. See you soon Cuz ! Xox


enjoyed your commentaries on your travels home..


Another adventure comes to a close...time to book the next!!