The System Says...

Friday, February 23, 2018
Quispamsis, New Brunswick, Canada
I’ve been spending some time lately researching ‘minimum connection times’ on various AC flights through several different cities.  It was after this research that I actually took note of my flight to Fort Lauderdale this weekend.  It was a few days ago that I noticed we had a mere 56 minutes between the arrival of our flight into Montreal and the departure of our flight to Fort Lauderdale.  During this brief period we have to hurry through a tunnel, find the US connection area, clear security again, and pass through US Customs and Immigration.  I know from my research that the minimum connection time for US flights out of the Montreal airport is 55 minutes.  Thank goodness we have that buffer...of 1 minute!!
Based on my experience with the 6pm flight from SJ to Montreal and it’s record for tardiness, I thought I’d get out in front of this situation with a call to AC.  It would be easier to change our flights now then to wait till we’ve missed our connection and then have to deal with it.  So I made the call, got the usual recording about the higher than normal call volume due to poor weather across the country, was all set to leave a message because I didn’t want to wait for the indicated 21-31 minutes, when my call was transferred to a live agent.  So much for the veracity of their recorded messages!  
I explained the situation to the agent who checked my file and determined “The system says you’re gonna be fine”.  That’s some smart system.  How smart remains to be seen!

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