There’s yer sign?

Saturday, February 24, 2018
Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
The countdown is over, it’s d-day, time to leave, liftoff, takeoff, whatever you like to call it.  The weather is sunny and dry.  All is right with the traveling world.  And it’s early yet, but positive signs are there.  Hopefully not just the travel gods trying to lull us into a fall sense of security.
If everything goes as planned, there will be nothing heard from me until my arrival in Fort Lauderdale.  If you do hear from me again before that time, well, let’s not even entertain that thought.  I prefer this false sense of security that has me feeling quite warm and fuzzy right now.  Fifty-six minutes to connect in Montreal...piece of cake!
PS - Thanks Lynda, for the ride to the airport!

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Fran Meehan

Enjoy, hopefully there will be no travel problems. You are going into hot weather.

Susan Gesner

Weather is good here in Florida too! Enjoy your cruise!