A dream dashed...and a dash for the dream

Sunday, February 25, 2018
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States
We arrived!  Yahoo!  But not without a lot of effort!  Landed in Montreal last evening a few minutes late, and with a 56 minute connection time, every minute is precious.  And luck being what it is, they couldn’t find a gate for us to park.  We toured around looking...tick tock, tick tock.  We finally found a little nook to pull into and then the mad dash was on.  We parked at Gate 12 and were going to Gate 58, but had to clear through another security point and US Customs.  Well, a new setup at the Montreal airport resulted in a delay before we could pass over to the US security and Customs checkpoints.  They had to ensure our bags were enroute before we were permitted to pass.  It...took...for...ever.  We finally got the green light and ran to security.  Fortunately traveling on a Saturday evening means things are relatively quiet, so we were through security in a flash and then on to US Customs where having a Nexus card means a special area with a lot of self-serve kiosks...with more than half out of order...and very few questions from the Customs Agent before we were on our way to our gate.  Time to pick up the pace!  It was a sprint past gate 75, 73, 71 then through a hallway into another gate area, still running and with me huffing and puffing.  It seems Gate 58 was the absolute FARTHEST gate away.  Figures!  All that to say 2 things.  Firstly, thank heavens the inbound flight was delayed so we arrived at the gate just as our zone 4 was boarding.  And secondly, this is where the dreams were dashed, I quickly realized that my hope for competing in the Amazing Race Canada would never materialize.  There’s no way I could maintain that pace through an entire race if catching one flight just about did me in!
The flight was smooth and I capitalized on my subscription to Netflix which allowed me to enjoy some decent movies, instead of that ancient trash that they offer on Rouge.  I watched all but the last 8 minutes of this Reese Witherspoon Rom/Com starring Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd and Jack Nicholson.  We touched down before I could finish.  Well, imagine my frustration when I couldn’t watch the last 8 minutes at the hotel because the movie wasn’t accessible on US Netflix.  I felt like Sheldon Cooper after ‘knock knock, Penny; knock knock, Penny’ but unable to complete the third ‘knock knock, Penny’.  Now I’ll have to wait for my trip home to see the last 8 minutes...
Boarding was smooth, our room is great.  Totally mid-ship with a bit of a punched out balcony.  For any movie lover like myself, this cruise is going to be pure heaven.  Several movies I’ve wanted to see and a few I want to see again are being shown on Movies Under the Stars as well as in the Vista Lounge.  Tonight, for instance, I have to decide between Victoria and Abdul under the stars or Three Billboards Outside Ebbings, Missouri in the lounge.  What is a person to do?  Both well worth a second viewing.  Plus a really interesting sounding Production Show is on too.  It’s gonna take some juggling to get everything in.  But I’m up for it!!  Oh, and did I mention?  Free unlimited wifi!!!  No more counting my minutes!! Thank you Princess!!
Oh, and Fay, tell Roger he’d fit right in on this cruise.  Lots of socks in sandals!!!



Can’t believe you actually made in that short of time...wish there was a video!


It wasn’t pretty!


Enjoy the sunshine !


I will tell Roger lol enjoy