Ya hate your eyes for seein’ it

Monday, February 26, 2018
Today was our Princess Cays day.  In my humble opinion, it’s nothing but a money grab for the cruise line.  This is an ‘island owned by Princess Cays’.  In reality, it’s a beach that MAY be owned by a cruise line, or may be owned by several cruise lines, I’m not sure.  It’s near Eleuthera in the Bahamas, and at last check, Princess Cruises doesn’t OWN Eleuthera, or the Bahamas.  But that’s all semantics.
We choose not to disembark here in Princess Cays for many reasons.  First and foremost, it’s a beach and nothing more.  We’re not really beach people.  Pool people, yes.  Nice clean pools...if you overlook the slimy film floating on top of the water from all the people and their residue sunscreen, deodorant, and various products...and yes, likely urine.  But hey, no itchy, scratchy, sand to get into every crack and crevice nor any swimmy things to rub up against you in the water.  
Also, it’s a tender port, so the less opportunity to have to cram into a lifeboat, the better.  And lastly, it’s a beach and nothing more...did I mention that already?  There might be one or 2 shops (a term I use loosely) run by some entrepreneurial locals trying to sell their wares.  None of which I neither need, nor want.  So, it was an easy decision to stay on board.
There are many people that remain on board the ship, like us.  Well, the ‘remain on board part’ is the only way they are truly ‘like us’.  For many, the reason to stay aboard is more one of necessity than desire.  It’s a bit like the walking wounded around there today.  I took a stroll through the Piazza to watch some of the activities prior to picking up my Bingo cards.  I don’t usually like to throw money away on Bingo this early in the cruise because the pots aren’t as big.  Being a Snowball Bingo, the pots grow exponentially every day until generally won on the very last day, after much hype and fanfare.  Funny how that works!
So the first man I see today in the Piazza that made me take notice was an elderly man pushing 80, I’d guess.  It wasn’t so much the x shaped bandage on his eyebrow that made me raise mine, but more the large goitre on his knee.  That or a knee replacement gone horribly wrong.  It was huge.  Twice the size of his other knee.  Stands to reason that managing a tender is something that wouldn’t likely work for him.
Not a minute later, as I continue on my way, I notice an elderly woman.  Late 70’s for sure, and perhaps early 80’s.  She was sitting at the International Cafe having a cuppa.  She had an enormous and savagely black shiner, and it looked fresh.  Guess she tipped over.  Needless to say, she likely is smart to remain onboard today...close to chairs and medical attention.
And lastly...well, this can only be described by a saying that my father used so often when something he wished he hadn’t noticed...’you hate your eyes for seeing it’, and that’s exactly how I felt when I saw this last fellow.  The fact that he was easily in his late 80’s wasn’t a problem.  Nor the fact that he was confined to a wheel chair which someone had pushed up to the railing so he could watch the goings on down below in the Piazza.  It’s totally irrelevant that he was fast asleep and taking nothing in.  Nope, what got me the most was what I noticed when I walked by...his colostomy bag lying there on the floor beside his wheelchair for all to see...filling up with yellow as I passed.  I know, I know... it’s ONLY PEE.  And I don’t have a problem with pee WHEN IT’S MINE!  Enough said.
So off to Bingo I went.  I figured today was a good day because a lot of the passengers were still ashore, so...less competition.  It was a small crowd in the bingo house.  There were 2 newbies sitting next to me.  Technology being what it is, Princess has introduced tablets to their bingo.  For a little more $$ you can get a lot more cards per game.  And the best part is...you can be totally clueless and still win...with the tablets that is.  In typical karma fashion, the 2 newbies beside me were asking tons of questions on how the tablets work.  “What does this button mean?” and “How can I see more cards on the screen?”, and of course “will I know when I’ve won?”.  I could have written the script on how it would go.  Newbie #1 would win a game.  Yup, right on.  N#1 wins the second game for $125.  What I wouldn’t have predicted was that her friend Newbie #2 would win the third game for $150.  What odds??  Two sitting side by side win one game, then the next.  They’ll not be missing another Bingo session for the rest of the cruise.  But the unfortunate thing is what happened in game #4, the full card, the jackpot.  Had to be won in 52 numbers for the $1000.  After that the consolation prize is $200.  Buddy at the back of the room is playing the old fashioned way with paper cards, 6 on his sheet.  At 50 numbers he stands...only needs 1 number.  It’s not the 51st number that’s called, and it’s not the 52nd number that’s called.  He’s pooched, but still has a chance at the $200.  Three numbers later the lights came on...he was waiting for B12 to call Bingo...and it had been called...16 number previously!  It was there in his hot little hands...the $1000...and...it goes without saying...but had he been playing on a tablet, his cluelessness wouldn’t have been a hindrance.  Sucks to be him!  Another fellow who won’t be missing a bingo session the rest of the week...only my guess is, he’ll be upgrading to the tablet from here on out!
As far as luck goes...today it was noticeably absent.  Oh well, tomorrow we start it all again!

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