Wednesday, February 28, 2018
Falmouth, Trelawny Parish, Jamaica
I can’t speak from experience, but I’ve heard, or maybe I read it somewhere, that when you smoke dope time passes very slowly.  That could explain why we were docked at the Historic Falmouth Cruise Port...great emphasis on the ‘Historic’...which is a bit ironic being that it was only built in 2011...guess the past 7 years just FEEL like more!
It was a Goldilocks day here in Jamaica...not too hot and not too cold.  There was a lovely breeze and lots of friendly people.  The Jamaicans ARE a friendly lot.  Sort of the Newfoundlanders of the Caribbean, if you will.  Based on the recent travel advisory for Canadians to stay away from the Montego Bay Area, we had decided to remain in the protected confines of the cruise terminal, just to be on the safe side.  There is everything that you could want here really.  Okay, $5 for a bottle of Red Stripe is a bit much when you could buy it from a street vendor on ‘the dark side’ of the terminal wall for around $2, but hey, at least you can assume it’s clean...or clean-er.
We wandered around the various souvenir shops, jewellery shops and duty free before coming to the tall wrought iron fencing that separates the safety and security of the protected area from what I presumed would be anarchy.  Nothing but pushy locals trying to hawk their wares and even pushier taxi drivers trying to take you for a tour.  With our faces pressed up against the bars, we peered down into the main downtown area of Falmouth.  People were moving about, minding their own business, hawking their wares in a very polite, civilized, and non-pushy way.  “What the heck”, we said, “let’s go for it”.  We crossed over the street and proceeded into the centre of downtown Falmouth, which basically is comprised of 2 streets which cross.  And yes, there were locals hawking their wares, and there were taxi drivers trying to lure you in to a tour of the area, but no one was pushy or even persistent after we politely said ‘no thanks’.  Nothing more required.  Now perhaps there’s a reason for this.  The one thing that was prevalent when we crossed into the downtown area of Falmouth, was the smell of weed, mj, Mara-ja-huana, or whatever you like to refer to it these days.  Is that the reason for the laid back locals?  Me thinks it helps!
So what did I buy in downtown Falmouth, you ask?  I bought a bottle of in Coca Cola.  I went against my better judgement because I really feel that coke tastes best when out of a can.  Should have stuck with my instincts.  Definitely NOT worth falling off the wagon for.  
Thanks again Miss Kitty for another good night in the casino!!



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