People are funny, again...or is it still???

Friday, March 02, 2018
Quintana Roo, Mexico
The popular saying for us gamblers is this “know your limit, stay within it”.  This is actually some pretty wise words that apply to more than just gambling.  On a cruise ship it could apply to food in the buffet, it could apply to amount of time spent in the direct sun.  This morning it applied to the stairs.  
When on a cruise that is chalked full of the elderly and the mobility impaired, I try to use the stairs as much as possible.  Especially if I’m only going up or down 5 or 6 decks.  It really is quicker than the elevators.  So this morning after breakfast on deck 16, we decided to head down the stairs to our cabin on deck 9.  It’s really only 6 decks, cause there’s no deck 13, and with gravity helping out, it’s a breeze.  Unless you get behind someone like this morning when we met Mrs. Sloth....and I’m being generous because a sloth would actually move quicker than she was able to.  She got to the top of the staircase, one hand on the rail on each side and proceeded to...well...not proceed.  She was moving sooooooooo slowly that even before her foot hit the first step down, her husband came up with the brilliant idea that perhaps the elevator would be worth the wait.  Do ya think??????  There’s not enough time remaining on the cruise for her to have navigated down even a couple of decks.  Luckily Mr. Sloth was able to recognize her limits, even if she couldn’t.  People are funny...
We were walking down the hallway toward our cabin when an elderly gent stepped out of his cabin and bellowed “Hey!  We’re out of toilet paper!!”.  Now, there is no doubt that he just didn’t notice the spare roll under the sink in his bathroom.  That, or else he felt that replacing the empty roll with a fresh one was something only to be performed by the room steward.  Either way, he felt obliged to broadcast it to everyone in the vicinity...he needed more TP.  People...are...funny...
It’s hot here in Cozumel fact, it’s stinkin’ hot.  After a quick stroll around the shops in the cruise terminal, we headed back onboard and up to the pool.  A great day to enjoy the amenities top side when everyone is off doing excursions.  We’re here in port till 9:30 pm, so not many left here on board.  Even when there are so few, there’s ALWAYS ONE!  She came into the pool area in a huge fluster.  She was very loud and demanding attention.  “I need a phone, I need a phone”.  She went up to one phone in the area and loudly stated “I need a phone and that one doesn’t work”.  She approached the bar and yelled that she needed a phone.  I mean, I thought there was a medical emergency.  They crew member who was trying to help her asked what was wrong.  She needed to call ‘the front desk’ because she locked herself out of her cabin.  Now, based on the level of panic, I was waiting for her to add “and my husband is inside having a seizure”; or “and my grandkid is locked on the balcony unsupervised”, but apparently there was nothing more to it.  She was just locked out.  So why didn’t she do what I do when I accidently deactivate my room key on my IPad, which is toddle on down to the customer service desk and get a replacement.  There’s no problem getting one as there is a photo associated with your account, so when they open up your room account, they see your picture and Bob’s your uncle, you’ve got a new key card.  Apparently she felt it better to cause a scene and then wait for someone to be dispatched to her cabin to let her in.  People...really ARE funny...
Tomorrow is our final sea day before docking in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday.  A full day around the doubt I’ll see LOTS MORE people who are funny!!!



Wish you guys could come for a visit before you head back! I read Kirby your blogs and we have a good laugh! The people you meet! Lol!


That would be great, but we are only in Lauderdale the one night and have no transportation. Your days are winding down now, too, aren’t they!!