Annnnnnnddddddd they’re off!

Friday, August 31, 2018
Saint John Airport, New Brunswick, Canada
Here we go!  All packed and ready to leave.  The skies are clear and the arrivals/departures board shows everything is on-time.  Oops...was that a jinx???  Hope not!
My suitcase weighed in at a respectable 32 lbs.  Kier’s at 38.  Guess who’s gonna be doing the most shopping??  He says he’s fine as long as he’s got enough room for a couple of ‘40 oz’ers’.  The gate agent agreed with him...cause he was a guy too.  Priorities!!
I was just thinking as we flew in to Halifax that whenever you can avoid the Montreal and Toronto airports, your flight is bound to be smoother.  Just be forewarned...just about every shop and kiosk closes up very early here on a Friday evening.  I did manage to find a Booster Juice open, though, so got a refreshment to enjoy during my 3 hour wait.  But really, all’s right with the world.  I’ll be waking up in the morning on another continent and then transferred to our cruise ship for the start of this great adventure.   I’m sure it’ll be another great week with the ‘olds’ before we head up for some exploring in Scotland.
Stay tuned!
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