It takes all kinds

Saturday, September 01, 2018
Southampton, England, United Kingdom
Here’s a revelation for takes all kinds.  And luckily there are all kinds of people out there to make life interesting.  
We had a pretty good flight from Halifax to Heathrow last night...or was it this morning?  Anyway, it was entirely uneventful, which for any flight is the ultimate compliment.  When we arrived we met the Princess representatives who coordinated our transfers to the ship.  There were 10 of us who all flew in from different locations.  One woman and her husband had arrived from Chicago.  I’m not certain, but I’m guessing that was a bit longer flight than what we made from the East Coast.  
So it’s early days on our 18 day holiday.  I’m feeling particularly sociable, so I strike up a conversation with Ms Chicago.  I’m curious as to where she and her husband are heading after the 7 day cruise.  The answer I got?  Nowhere.  They’re not going anywhere.  Just doing the 7 days and heading back to Chicago.  Seems she couldn’t imagine going anywhere on a 2 week holiday.  She’s never taken a holiday that long.  She couldn’t do it.  Maybe 12 days, she said, but never 2 weeks.  Wow...and I can’t imagine traveling that far and NOT staying at least 2 weeks.  It takes all kinds.
Our check in was very smooth.  Our cabin is great.  We requested a table for 2 in the dining room cause, face it, after my conversation with Ms Chicago, I’m pretty much socialized out!!  Okay, maybe not entirely...but I do have to ration my socialization.  I’m no ‘butterfly’ when it comes to being sociable.  
And when you’re talking about different types of people, there could be a study done based on people’s preferences when it comes to the dining room on cruise ships.  Some like the big tables.  The bigger the better.  They want to meet as many people as possible and have several different people to talk to every meal.  Plus, if there are a couple of duds in the mix, they’re easily hidden amongst the non-duds.  Some people only want a table for 4 because they don’t want to meet several people, but only want to make friends, and hopefully bond with another couple.  But then they have to cross fingers AND toes in hopes that their dining partners are compatible.  Imagine spending one meal with your new table mates only to find out that you can’t tolerate his accent, or her incessantly checking her reflection in the cutlery.  In order to preserve your well deserved holiday you have no choice but to go the maître’d and ask for a reassignment.  Then the next night they see you being led to a different table of 4 in another part of the dining room.  Awkward!!!
In an effort to avoid such situations, we always request a table for 2.  And aside from your superficial and extremely rhetorical “how was your day?”, we really don’t want to make much conversation with people seated around us.  Cause if someone wanted to have lengthy and in-depth conversations with people other than their travel mate, they would request a larger table, right??  Apparently not...
We got to a our lovely 2 top, ready to enjoy a great meal.  We’ve got a super efficient serving team which is going to mean dinners that don’t drag on for hours.  What could go wrong?  Our table is located to the right of a short wall with spindles in it separating us from a 2 top on the other side.  Although not a REAL wall, it does serve to discourage cross table conversation.  The British couple to the left of us asked the appropriate “where you from” questions and then politely continued their meal talking between themselves.  Great!  This is gonna work out perfectly.  And then it happened...I inadvertently made eye contact with the elderly gent on the other side of the spindles.  He and his elderly gent table mate live on the Isle of Wight.  They just finished a 2 week cruise on this same ship and decided to turn it into a 3 week holiday. By the sounds of it, they’ve done many, many, many cruises, including a 4 month world cruise.  Obviously made of money.   Kier wonders if they’d maybe like to adopt us!  I’m guessing that perhaps they’re a bit bored talking amongst themselves.  So after a fairly steady exchange of information throughout dinner, it’s gonna be near impossible to not continue this over the next week.  Oh well, it’ll be interesting to see where this leads...cause, ya takes all kinds.
Unfortunately, the ship’s wifi just refuses to upload my photos I’ll have to add them tomorrow when we get to port in Zeebrugge, Belgium.
****FINALLY got my photos to load...better late than never!******
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Katrina, I look forward to reading your blog as it is so hilarious! Hope you guys have a great trip! Enjoy your new spindle-mates! lol!

Fran Meehan

Live dangerously and talk to the old gents.


You never disappoint!!!