By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea

Sunday, September 02, 2018
Zeebrugge, Flanders, Belgium
Today was our first port of call in a small town called Zeebrugge.  It’s only real attraction is it’s proximity to Brugge.  Seeing that we’ve already spent time in Brugge we decided against that.  I would have liked to go to Ghent, but it’s somewhat further and I’m always paranoid about missing the ‘All Aboard’.
There is a very convenient and inexpensive tram system that runs up and down the coast from Zeebrugge, so we opted to ride the rails for a bit.  We checked out a couple of different towns, the beach, some shops, and of course, some chocolate.  
So we’re back in the dining room for our dinner this evening with our new besties.  These guys have to be in their 80’s.  OG (old guy) #1 is for sure.  OG #2 is originally from the Philippines.  We’re not sure what they did in their careers, but they’ve lived all over England.  And they do a lot of cruising.  Come to find out, they’re going to be cruising in our neck of the woods next fall.  They board in Southampton, do the transatlantic crossing, followed by the East Coast and then they work their way back to Southampton.  In total, they’re on the ship for 36 days.  I can’t imagine spending that kind of time on the ship.  For one, you’d have to take me off in a wheelbarrow because of the weight I’d have gained.  
So OG #1 fashions himself a comedian.  He orders cherries jubilee for dessert every night.  The ship took it off their menu ages ago.  He continues to order it on principle.  He then has to settle for something else.  Tonight it was the ‘sugar free fresh fruit tart’.  I ordered it too.  When we asked our waiter if it was any good, his reply was “it’s good.  It’d be even better if there was more sugar in it”.  Now THAT was funny!
Every cruise has a unique dynamic based entirely on the demographic of it’s passengers.  We haven’t been on this one long enough to determine just what this cruise’s is.  One thing I can say already is that the casino isn’t quite as busy as other ship’s casino’s have been.  And I can also say that both Kier and I have had a bit of luck on the slots.  But again, it’s early days.  Tomorrow is our first sea day.  That should give us a better idea of who’s who.  
And again, the wifi on board isn’t sufficient enough to load photos to my will come, so check back later.
Stay tuned!!
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