The British are coming, the British are coming!

Monday, September 03, 2018
Klitmøller, Denmark
Sea days are generally when you get a real sense of how small the ship is.  Everyone is captive within its confines until the next port of call.  I’ve been told by OG#1 and #2 that this cruise is a complete sell out, so we’re talking over 3000 people are aboard.  I really don’t know WHERE they’re hiding...but seeing that all the lifeboats are still raised up in their usual positions, I’m sure there’s not been any mass evacuation.  
Although there are a few kids on this cruise, they are really few and far between.  The vast majority onboard are ‘olds’ and many are ‘Brits’.  Safe to assume, then, that the largest demographic are ‘old Brits’.  Contrary to the ‘old snowbirds’ that one encounters on Caribbean cruises out of Florida, the ‘old Brits’ don’t seem to be early risers.  I base this on the ease with which I found a table in the buffet at breakfast.  It was further confirmed when I was able to find a prime lounge chair by the indoor pool after breakfast.  The ‘old snowbirds’ would have been up at 6 am and had their territory marked with a striped pool towel long before I arrived.  The ‘old Brits’ didn’t start strolling to the pool area until I was ready to leave just before noon.
It was a tad cool out today with a bit of a wind.  This must have been the reason for the distinct lack of ‘olds’ out on the Promenade Deck this afternoon either sitting and airing out their parts, or walking their swollen ankles and legs ever so slowly in pairs and trios around the deck, fully blocking those serious walkers from getting by.  
I can also attest to the fact that the ‘old Brits’ don’t seem to be either Bingo players, or casino fans.  I took in both today.  The only winners in Bingo were all American.  And there is no difficulty getting a machine or a spot at a table game in the casino.  
I even observed a bit of the day’s Art Auction.  Now, I didn’t actually go IN, but sat outside where I could hear the goings on.  I can safely say that IF the ‘old Brits’ were there, they were definitely NOT buying art.  In the hour or so I listened in, there were only 3 paintings actually sold.  Most of the time was spent displaying a work of art, giving some information on the artist, advising of the starting bid, identifying that no one was willing to bid the required amount, and removing the work of art from the stage to be replaced by the next item, and the process was repeated again...and again...and again...***yawn***
So what I’ve worked out is this...the majority of the passengers on this cruise ship sleep late, go to bed early, get room service for many of their meals, don’t get exercise, don’t gamble or buy art, but likely make their way out of their cabins in the early evening to attend the shows in the theatre.  I haven’t been to any of the evening shows as I can’t really confirm this.  But I can say that wherever the majority of the cruise passengers are spending their time, it’s absolutely NOT where I am.  Suits me fine!
Tomorrow we arrive in Copenhagen.  Looking forward to it!
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