Have you ever wondered...?

Wednesday, September 05, 2018
Skagen, Denmark
It’s been a lovely day here in Skagen (pronounced Skain) despite the overcast weather.  We’ve had the odd sunny period but no rain at all.  
Have you ever wondered...why a cruise ship would come to a small ‘off the beaten path’ spot like Skagen?  Well, my best guess is this, it’s a good little comparison to see a big city in Denmark and then a small town.  And no doubt it’s physical location between Copenhagen and Oslo made it more desirable.  It’s nice to be in a spot that can only accommodate 1 ship, after being in a couple of ports when anywhere from 3–5 ships were in port at the same time.  The port guide provided to us describes Skagen as a fishing town with a maritime history that dates back to the early Middle Ages.  It has become very popular since the mid 19th century with artists because of the ‘radiant light’s interplay on the rugged landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes’.  So something for everyone, really.  But what gets me is that it seems that the only colour paint sold in the local hardware stores must be yellow...cause just about every house is painted the same colour.  There is the very odd spot that’s painted red or white, but you just KNOW that the neighbours have labeled those people ‘rebels’ and are no doubt awaiting their move out of town.
Have you ever wondered...why we always choose Port Side for our cabins?  In fact, we’ve only ever been Starboard once...and that was cause we couldn’t get the deck we wanted on the Port side when we booked a last minute cruise.  Well, there are many reasons, really.  We like to see what’s going on at the port during our stay.  We like to see the town itself instead of just looking out at endless water.  In all likelihood we’ve seen a lot of open water enroute.  And most importantly, if there’s free wifi available in the terminal, such as there is today, we can piggy back onto it and save our onboard minutes.  Plus, the free port wifi is always a lot more reliable than the satellite wifi we get onboard.
Have you ever wondered...if we were going to learn the name of OG#1 and OG#2?  In fact, we did!  OG#1 is Mike and OG#2 is Lito (pronounced Lee-toe).  We learned that last night when we were back at our assigned table in the dining room.  It was just like old home week getting caught up on what we missed the one night we ate elsewhere.  We now know that Mike is 80 and Lito is 77.  Mike spent some time in the Medical Centre for a spell he had when they were 3 days into their first 2 week cruise.  I’m quite shocked that they let them stay on the ship for this next week, but seeing that they billed him in excess of $5000 US, then they likely figured it might be a money maker to keep him onboard!  We also now know that they recently ‘moved house’ and live on the Isle of Wight.  Suffice it to say, we know WAY TOO MUCH about these old guys!  But...c’est la vie.
Have you ever wondered...what $30 in licorice looks like?  Can’t say that I’ve ever given it much thought, but today I can show you exactly what it looks like because it was pretty much all that I purchased today in Skagen.  I happened upon a grocery store, and let me tell you, there’s no better place to souvenir shop than a grocery store.  If you’re looking for locally made products (as in the same country as you’re traveling in) at prices that the locals would pay, then where better.  For those of you that aren’t aware, licorice is my FAVOURITE candy.  Where better to buy licorice than in the country where it began.  You can’t even imagine the selection.  I even filled a small bag from their premium selection which included...wait for it...licorice fudge!  Don’t think I’m not kicking myself now for only getting 3 pieces of that!! I also picked up a couple of cans of Danish cider in a flavour that I can’t get at home (Elderflower and Lime).  I am currently sitting on my balcony typing this in what can only be described as ‘licorice heaven’!!  Tomorrow I may be sitting on the toilet in what can only be described as ‘licorice hell’, but it’ll have all been worth it!!
Tonight is the first night that I’ll be taking in the ‘Movies Under the Stars’.  It’s one of my favourite things about cruising, however, on this trip so far the only movies being shown are ones I’ve already seen.  Can’t wait!  Cheers until tomorrow and Oslo!!
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I’ve seen you demolish a package of licorice in the UK...can’t imagine the feeding frenzy that is current taking place!


Looks like your bed at depot! Glad to hear you are having a great time. Thanks for the tips on port side and where to buy souvenirs.


What the licorice fudge?! My new fav saying!