Celebrating with the new ‘besties’

Thursday, September 06, 2018
Oslo, Oslo, Norway
Today was our last port stop in Oslo, Norway.  We had some plans for this stop, but unfortunately the ‘cruise cough’ has taken a grip and we sort of overslept.  By the time we got ashore and found a fiord cruise company the 10:30 tour was leaving.  With the next departure slated for 1:30 and us having a 3:30 All Aboard, we didn’t want to risk it.  Plus, a little time spent on terra firma was a nice change.
We walked, and we walked, and we walked, and my opinion of Oslo...just another big city.  Although, technically it’s not really a big city as apparently it’s got a very small population.  The one interesting thing that I did note about Oslo is that for such an old city the skyline, especially around the waterfront, is especially modern.  
The highlight of our day had to be dinner with our new besties.  We were surprised to arrive at our table tonight to find that Mike and Lito had a bottle of champagne that they wanted to share with us.  They said that had we not shown for dinner tonight, they planned to save it to share with us tomorrow night.  What a lovely old couple.  And it was no surprise to us that it was a rather good bottle of bubbly, not that I’d know the difference.  But from what I’ve learned about these fellows, they don’t skimp.  They were particularly thrilled with their plan when a birthday cake was brought to our table after dinner and the whole wait staff sang Happy Birthday to me.  It’s an early celebration with another one planned on the actual day.  Can’t go wrong getting to celebrate twice!
And speaking of birthdays...Happy Birthday to mother-in-law, Marjorie, celebrating today!
Last sea day tomorrow and time to pack up for the second part of our holiday.
And...more technical difficulties with the photos, so they’ll come later...
Till tomorrow....
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See...nice things happen when you’re social!


Oh dear Jimmy, I think We have been replaced!


Well is that not sweet. Seeing as you are celebrating your birthday I will send you birthday wishes twice too. Happy Birthday to you.


How thoughtful and sweet of the OG’s. So nice to have buddies like that. Happy early Birthday!